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Fast food burger rivals put to the test

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Posted: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:29 am | Updated: 1:52 pm, Tue May 29, 2012.

HeraldStandard.com and the Phantom Diner would like to thank Pechin Firehouse Restaurant for sponsoring this column. Get a beer and a great flame broiled burger while you watch the channel of your choice at Pechin Firehouse Restaurant.

I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend, breaking out the grills, smokers and fire pits for the summer season, but never forget why we celebrate the last Monday of May each year. All my gratitude and respect go out to those men and woman that have given their lives to keep this country free.

I decided to change it up a bit this week. The beginning of summer is a time when many of us have to switch gears. From dropping your kids off at school or the school bus stop to dropping them off at the sitter, from planning schedules around football, baseball and dance classes to planning summer vacations. But one thing we cannot forget, we all need to eat at some point, and every once and a while, we may be caught off guard. So let me set the stage.

You’ve just gotten off from a long, tiring day at work and picked up your kids from the sitter, who are all in their own crabby mood from not getting the nap that their sitter swore they had. Driving home, you realize all you have to eat in the house are Yoo-Hoo and Coco Puffs. What to do? There is no way you’re dragging kids through a grocery store. So you think drive-thru. Dare you ask your kids what they want? Your oldest immediately screams out Burger King! Burger King! Burger King! Your second oldest says, “but I want McDonald’s”, and they start fighting, until your oldest lays down his foot and says,

“We’re going to Burger King!”

The oldest starts gloating because he thinks he has won. Your second oldest starts balling her eyes out because she thinks she lost. Meanwhile, your youngest is telling the construction worker in the next car over that you’re going to Burger King for dinner. Just then, you see you’ve received a text from your husband, his text says;

“Honey, what’s for dinner?”

But before you can grab that box of Calgon to take you away into that heavenly abyss, you have kids and a helpless husband to feed. Should I go to Burger King, McDonald’s, both or somewhere totally different? To keep the kids happy, you go to both Burger King and McDonald’s, as I have broke it down for you.

I chose the Burger King and McDonald’s right next to each other at the Route 119/Route 40 interchange. To keep it fair, I went to one right after the other and ordered similar meals. Much to my surprise, each drive thru did not have one single car; even though I went right at the end of the work day.

My first stop, Burger King, I pulled up to the speaker and was greeted within a second or two. The menu board was easy to read and follow, and I ordered a medium Whopper Meal with a Coca-Cola and a medium BK Chef’s Choice Burger Meal with a rootbeer.

My total came to $15.67. I waited at the window for a couple minutes for my food to come out, but the total time from pulling into the parking lot to pulling out of the drive thru was 6 minutes 5 seconds. The lady at the window asked if I would like ketchup. Once you’re on your way, there is nowhere to pull off and get your food and drinks situated. The drive thru leads right back out onto Route 40. But I stopped my vehicle to make sure my order was right and see how hot it was. My order was right but only luke warm.

My next stop, McDonalds, two doors down; I pulled up to the speaker and was greeted immediately. I found the menu board to be cluttered and confusing. The value meals were on the far right which I couldn’t see because of my vehicle’s body support (between the windshield and door) was blocking my view. I ordered a medium Big Mac Meal with a Coca-Cola and a medium Angus Mushroom Swiss Meal with a Dr Pepper all of which came to $13.02. I pulled around, paid the lady in the first window, then pulled up and received my food and drinks, and total time from entering the parking lot to leaving the drive thru was 3 minutes 24 seconds. At McDonald’s, they have room for you to pull off to the side and make sure your order was right. One thing I noticed right away was that my food from McDonald’s was piping hot and was correct.

Next thing I noticed was that Burger King’s medium cups were noticeably larger than McDonald’s medium cups. Then when I got home and spread all the food out on my table, Burger King’s BK Chef’s Choice burger and fries were smaller than McDonald’s.

All the burgers had great flavor, I do like the flame broiled taste of Burger King’s burgers, but I’ve always preferred McDonald’s fries over Burger Kings.

My thanks again to Pechin Firehouse Restaurant for sponsoring my column. If you have your own experience at either one of these restaurants and would like to share your experience, please don’t hesitate to comment on this article. Know a restaurant you would like to see a reviewed, submit your restaurant to phantomdining@gmail.com.

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