The following students of Mapletown junior and senior high school have been named to the honor roll of the fourth nine-week grading period of the 2020-21 school year:

Grade 12

Highest honors: Danielle Dewitt, Emily Halbert, Briell Price.

High honors: Trenton Antill, Madison Blaker, Payge Clark, Chance Franks, Sadie McCann, Andrew Pecjak, Elizabeth Rockwell, Breanna Switalski.

Honors: Julia Boyd, Ethan Dingle, Casey Norman, Lauren Rutan, Sarah Rutan.

Grade 11

Highest honors: Macee Cree, Caleb Delansky, Amber Donley, Taylor Dusenberry, Grace Murin, Emma Nine, MeKenzie Reda, Brielle Yeager.

High honors: Riley Franks, Paige Halbert, Ashley Kime, James Menear, Paytyn Neighbors, Zachariah Rockwell, James Thompson Emily Whipkey.

Honors: Colton Flanigan, Maximus Vanata, Melissa Whipkey.

Grade 10

Highest honors: Danielle Jennings, Ella Menear, Krista Wilson.

High honors: Brody Evans, Matthew Gacek, Jaden Hartman, Grant Murin, Riley Pekar, Hayden Pennington, Cohen Stout, Emma Switalski, Regan Walick.

Honors: Kayla Eggers, Alyvia Greene, Evan Griffin, Ariana Shaffer.

Grade 9

Highest honors: Emil Enoff, Hannah Knutsen.

High honors: Zachary Brewer, Trenton Brown, Devan Clark, Dominick D’Amico, Katie Eitner, Morgan Franks, Braden McIntire, Zachary Nash, Alexis Perry, Jasmine Rockwell, Andrew Vanata, Trevor Wilson.

Honors: Brianna Ashton, Peyton Friend, Evan Griffin, Mason Martin, Mitchell Martin, Makenzie Moats, Nicholei Rieder, Megan Riggleman, Herbert Sampson.

Grade 8

Highest honors: Cody Downs, Brock Evans, Isabella Garnek, Zachary Gyorko, Caleb Landers, Bailey Rafferty.

High honors: Sydney Byrne, Sarah Dewitt, Kylee Hawk, Alexa Lagos, Maura Margita, John Vanata.

Honors: Daniel Fox, Kaelynn Hughes, Hailie Pattison, Parker Ponzoo, Tyler Salosky, Marley Seward, Spencer Yeager.

Grade 7

Highest honors: Meah Branham, Makenna Lotspeich, Blake Nash, Chase Taylor, Brooke Whipkey, Emma Zalar.

High honors: Kaitlyn Danko, Danika Eakin, Addison Halbert, Isaac Henderson, Jacob Mauser, Caylei Rhome, Treslee Weston, Alexander Wilson.

Honors: Wyatt Downs, Cameryn Shaffer, James Sowden, Ava Stotka.

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