Honor Roll

The following students of West Greene School District have been named to the honor roll of the fourth nine-week grading period of the 2020-21 school year:

Grade 7

Highest honors: Emmaline Beazell, Sean Campion, Gavin Cassiday, Jackson Grimes, Darren Knight, Dayton Metcalf, Kendra Tharp, Matthew Wassil, Morgan Whipkey, Colin Whyte

High honors: William Bell, Brooklyn Burns, Kathelena Galloway, Hunter Gorby, Eryka Hackney, Aubrey Mayhle, Chase Morris, Trenton Wilson, Levi Yeater.

Honors: Noah Collins, Xavier Lucey, Lillian Melodia, Logan Shields, Brice Smith, Lydia St. Clair.

Grade 8

Highest honors: Madison Gaso, Payton Gilbert, Wyatt Mooney, Mya Smith, Marissa Tharp

High honors: Haylie Barner, Rylee Black, Parker Burns, Madyson DeBolt, Hayden Hamilton, Aubrey Lesnett, Levi Meek, Colton Negley, Jazmine Scott, Travis Skidmore, Emily Tichenor, Mackenzie Whipkey, Pieper Whipkey.

Honors: Lane Allison, Chase Bonnema, Dalton Roberts, Levi Smith.

Grade 9

Highest honors: Allexis Berdine, Brian Jackson, Kasie Meek, Jayceea Melodia, Celia Parson, Ella Scott, Dylan Wilson

High honors: Joshua Archer, Elizabeth Bell, Cooper Chambers, Brooke Miller, Kaylee Pattison, Justin Pettit, Colten Thomas, Nevaeh Vedis, Abigail Whipkey, William Whitlatch.

Honors: Shelby Bierce, Seth Burns, Elizabeth Cunningham, Ali Goodwin, Morgan Kiger, Keisha McGowan, Aaron Parson, Devin Stewart, Tyler Yeager.

Grade 10

Highest honors: Levi Barnhart, Sophia Plock, Emily Simms, Trevor Triplett, London Whipkey.

High honors: Kelly Courtwright, Eric Huston, Madeline McClure, Billy Pattison, Karlee Payton Nathan Reed, Ariel Russo, Benjamin Shaner, Kaden Shields, Parker Smith, Emily Wise, Mackenzie Wise.

Honors: Brandon Cooke, Kevin Thompson, Gavin Tuason, Noah Walls, Koda Whipkey, Skyler Wolfe.

Grade 11

Highest honors: Anna Durbin, BreAnn Jackson, Gracie Mayhle, Casey Miller, Joseph Yoders.

High honors: Brooke Barner, Joseph Davis, Olivia Gorby, Hunter Hamilton, Jaime Jacobs, Jordan Jacobs, Olivia Kiger, Kiley Meek, Brooke Miller, Keri Shipman, Carly Stockdale, Josiah Tagaro, Paul Tuttle, Wesley Whipkey, Piper Whitlatch, Corey Wise.

Honors: Bryce Anderson, Sheldon Cassiday, Sarah Collins, Emma Crouse, Jordan Karvan, Katharine Lampe, Desirae Lemmon, Zachary Shaner, McKenna Skeens.

Grade 12

Highest honors: Kyra Burns.

High honors: Judy Anderson, Benjamin Archer, Amber Black, Elizabeth Brudnock, Krysten DeBolt, Hunter Herrick, Ronald Howard, Megan Jacobs, Haley Phillips, Caleb Rice, Morgan Taylor, Kasey Tusing.

Honors: Chase Blake, Dakota Filby, Bryer Miller, Brayden Mooney, Morgan Mooney, Ruby Rittenhouse, Jenna Rush, Dominic Russo, Wyatt Tedrow, Kaytlynn Walls.

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