Editor’s note: This is part of our monthly Club Hub series highlighting the community service and social clubs operating in the Herald-Standard readership area.

As members of the Greene County Photography Club prepared to enter Waynesburg Bible Chapel for a recent club meeting, two brown foxes appeared in the landscape behind the church. Instinctively, members pulled out their cameras and started snapping.

It’s that interest in taking pictures and learning more about photography that draws members together.

“Greene County Photography Club offers an opportunity for all levels of photographers to learn more about the art of photography from videos we watch, from experts we bring in to our class, share common interest in photography and good fellowship,’’ said Janice Morris, of Waynesburg. “It’s a lot of fun and you learn a lot.’’

The club’s website explains it started in 2007 through the efforts of Pamela Blaker (now Marisa) along with Jerry Hardy, a professional photographer and retired teacher.

The first monthly meeting featured a photo contest that the club continues, its website explaining, “The purpose of this fun contest is to share what works with each other.’’

Winning photos are placed on the website. Themes encompass a variety of subjects, such as hands, snow, upside down and feet. The August theme is “Jerry Hardy inspired’’ as members honor Hardy, known for his photographs of local landmarks, people and events.

Grace Bradmon, of Rices Landing, won first and tied for second place at the June meeting with feet pictures that included close ups of a person wearing rain boots and someone wearing tennis shoes while standing in a pile of autumn leaves. At 19, she’s the youngest member.

“Everyone’s very friendly,’’ said Bradmon, who’s belonged about two years. “You learn something every meeting.’’

Ciara Williams, of Waynesburg, a club member who owned a frame shop, served as the June program director, teaching members about matting photos and how to select mat colors to bring out the best in pictures they want to display. Williams offered a video with tips and then helped members select and mat photos they brought to the meeting.

Williams was kind and patient with everyone, offering color suggestions for mats that would enhance their work: “You want the focus on the picture.’’

Dave Brendel, of Sycamore, noted his brother is one of several professional photographers who have addressed the club. Speakers help members learn not only how to take pictures but about cameras and other equipment, including computers.

“You can go beyond the point and click if you want,’’ said Brendel.

Kathy Douglas, of Waynesburg, remarked, “You can glean information from other people’s experiences, especially if you might be just starting out. It’s a good resource — all the members we have in the club. We have everybody from beginning amateurs to those who are professional photographers. We try to bring in a wide array of people who can share their experience.’’

Brendel noted the club has taken field trips, such as to Coopers Rock State Forest in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, and is trying to arrange a trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

Brendel belongs with his wife, Cheryl. There are several couples in the club.

From taking family photos to participating in area contests and exhibitions, members are interesting in learning. They see photography as an art form as well as a method of communication.

“I think belonging to the club,’’ said Douglas, “gives you a wider perspective.’’

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