YORK RUN — Several companies presented proposals to the Albert Gallatin Area School Board at its December meeting for the replacement of the roof at Smithfield Elementary School.

The board had asked administration last month to contact roofing companies to present budgetary proposals to the board in December for the scope of work they could perform atop the Smithfield school.

The board heard from representatives from Carlisle Construction Materials, based in Cumberland County, and the Garland Co. Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio. The board also received plans from Donald M. Miller Roofing of Uniontown and Duro-Last Roofing.

Carlisle representative Joe Candioto presented a plan for a new roof system with a 20-year warranty at an approximate cost of $375,000. He said the life expectancy for a new Carlisle roof is a minimum of 25 to 30 years.

Tom Ferrentino, another Carlisle representative, said Carlisle would assist the district in choosing a contractor for the project through the state’s cooperative purchasing program, COSTARS, which he said has helped districts to substantially save money on roofing projects.

Ferrentino said the current roof on Smithfield Elementary consists of material produced by Carlisle. Installed in 1994, the roof was intended for 10 years of use, he said.

Addressing the board, Sam Roberts of Garland said he proposes the same project plan he had recommended in October, which includes removal of existing insulation, the installation of a new, durable roof system and bringing the school up to energy code. Roberts estimated the project to cost between $765,000 and $825,000, depending on the cost of labor. The roof comes with a 30-year warranty. He said Garland could give the district options in the warranty to reduce the price.

District Superintendent Chris Pegg presented proposals on behalf of Donald M. Miller Roofing and Duro-Last.

Donald M. Miller Roofing, which inspected the roof in November, provided a project budget of $545,000 for the scope of work to install a roof with a 30-year warranty, said Pegg.

Duro-Last, after a December inspection, presented a budget of $200,000 for replacing the 35,000-square-foot roof, offering a 20-year warranty, Pegg said.

Jeanine Vannucci, an independent consultant invited to the meeting by administration to provide input on the proposals, said the plans presented by the companies are not “apples to apples” in the services they offer, which makes their price tags difficult to compare.

“Totally different systems, totally different types of roofs,” said Vannucci. “If you’re looking at the price and saying, ‘I want this one for this price,’ you may not be getting the same quality of roof.”

Last month, a district teacher told the board about a potential opportunity to work with Carlisle, which performs trials on their materials and may be looking for a test roof. Ferrentino, of Carlisle, said this month that to install a test system would require a full tear-off of the roof, which the company determined was not necessary for the Smithfield roof and is not included in Carlisle’s proposal.

Vannucci said she would recommend a full tear-off but said it’s a matter of cost.

“I think you can negotiate what you want with any one of these proposals,” she said.

The board will further discuss the Smithfield roof replacement in a special meeting slated for 6 p.m. Dec. 18 in the D. Ferd Swaney Elementary cafeteria.

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