YORK RUN — The Albert Gallatin Area School Board approved several personnel moves at a recent meeting, including filling an administrative position.

The board approved the transfer of Jared Plisko to the position of district special education director from his current role of assistant principal at AG North and AG South middle schools.

The move, which is effective immediately, comes on the heels of the board accepting the retirement of Joetta Britvich, who previously occupied the position.

The board voted 7-2 to approve Plisko’s transfer. School directors Carla Franks and Charity Grimm Krupa opposed the move. Krupa said other individuals in the district should have been given consideration for the position, as well as the position advertised to prospective candidates outside Albert Gallatin.

“I think this is an extremely important position, (which) is going to handle a substantial amount of the budget and be responsible for that. At a minimum, we should be opening it up to other qualified people in the district,” said Krupa.

Plisko was appointed assistant principal of the two middle schools in July 2018. He has previously served as substitute special education supervisor for the district.

The board also:

n Awarded the following elementary and middle school head teacher positions: Tiffany Duncan, AG North Middle; Shea Fleenor, AG South Middle; Stacey Peton-Tenny, A.L. Wilson Elementary; Jennifer Hartman, Friendship Hill Elementary; Heather Hartley, Masontown Elementary; Theresa Wadsworth, George J. Plava Elementary; Toby Maykuth, Smithfield Elementary.

n Awarded Joe Embacher the middle school fall athletic director position at a prorated pay rate, and the winter and spring athletic director positions.

n Awarded Betty Sunyak a 6.5-hour cafeteria position at George J. Plava Elementary.

n Accepted the retirements of Sherry Dugan, cafeteria employee, and Joyce Ramsey, elementary teacher.

n Hired Jennifer Reese as middle school assistant softball coach for the 2019-20 school year.

n Added Kimberly Little, Hillary Cunningham, Christina Smith and Jasmine Packrone to the professional substitute list, and Kaitlyn Dodson, Raymond Drake and Stephanie Garrison to the nonprofessional substitute list.

The board will hold a work session, reorganization meeting and voting meeting beginning at 6 p.m. Dec. 4 in the former D. Ferd Swaney Elementary School cafeteria.

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