YORK RUN — The Albert Gallatin Area School District has hired two teachers and awarded several positions that were created following a restructuring of district personnel earlier this summer.

At its recent meeting, the school board opted to hire two teachers, Julie Sines, grade 6 at AG South Middle, and Bethanie Kern, elementary art at A.L. Wilson Elementary.

The board also awarded nine positions to district teachers for the 2019-20 school year. Those included Leandra Dirda, grade 1 at A.L. Wilson Elementary; Johnna Pleban, grade 1 at Friendship Hill Elementary; Jennifer Hartman, grade 4 at Friendship Hill Elementary; Megan McGill, grade 5 at George J. Plava Elementary; Cassandra Jellick, grade 2 at Masontown Elementary; Heather Lux, grade 5 at Smithfield Elementary; Brooke Patterson, learning support at AG South Middle; Jennifer Baukol, learning support at AG South Middle; and Ashley Winkler, learning support/Life Skills at AG South Middle.

In addition, the board created four classroom aide positions.

The moves come one month after the district opted to furlough three teachers and shuffle numerous positions to manage enrollment by eliminating and creating various teaching positions throughout the district, shifting personnel to fill the positions.

The board also made multiple personnel moves in the maintenance department, including hiring Rachel Chapman as a custodian at A.L. Wilson Elementary and awarding Mark Jones a day-shift custodian position at Masontown Elementary and Eugene Franks a maintenance position.

The board accepted the resignation of cafeteria worker Ashley Rizer and the retirement of special education teacher Kristie Wade.

In other business, the board approved the first reading of policy that will require the district to circulate meeting agendas to the public prior to a voting meeting.

The policy states that in addition to being distributed at public meetings, agendas for regular or special meetings of the board will be available for public review on the district website upon being distributed to board members. Agendas are to be provided to board members at least five days prior to board work sessions, with final agendas for voting meetings distributed to the board at the meetings.

An agenda distributed to the public will not contain the name of an employee or prospective employee until after a work session, except in the case of resignations, retirements, meetings or travel requiring prior board approval, or positions required to be awarded to a particular person as a result of contractual bidding, according to the policy.

Also, the board:

n Approved professional development services for leadership training programs by Step by Step Learning at a cost of $49,918.

n Approved the purchase of a John Deere ZTrak lawn mower from Middletown Tractor Sales for use at AG South Middle and Friendship Hill Elementary schools at a cost of $9,716.

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$9700 for a riding mower. Are you kidding?

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