YORK RUN — The Albert Gallatin Area School Board has directed administration to pursue measures towards procuring an overlay roof replacement at Smithfield Elementary School.

The board on Wednesday asked administration to develop project specifications for an overlay roof and obtain competitive quotes and bids for its purchase and installation, which the board will consider at a later date.

An option on the meeting agenda to do the same for a complete removal and replacement of the roof was dismissed in favor of the overlay option.

The move is a step towards the board committing to a project at the Smithfield school following three months of discussion regarding the necessity of a roof replacement, the type of roof that should be employed and which roofing manufacturing that would give the district the best service for its price.

District Superintendent Chris Pegg said a specification list will result in comparative pricing so the board can better compare project proposals and projected budgets from interested companies.

A similar spec list was created last month for a complete tear-off of the roof membrane. However, the board also requested an additional list be composed for an overlay roof.

Pegg said the two options were placed on Wednesday’s agenda so the board could decide between them.

“There was discussion as to if they wanted to tear everything off and go down to the bare deck and put everything new on, or keep the roof that’s on there now and do a roofover system,” said Pegg. “That’s what they decided tonight. They’re going to go with the roofover system to save some money.”

In December, the board had received project proposals from four roofing manufacturers and contractors for work on the roof ranging in price from $200,000 to $825,000. The proposals offered different scopes of work and different warranty lengths.

Addressing the board at that time, a consultant from K2 Engineering said the plans presented by the companies were not “apples to apples” in the services they offered, making their price tags difficult to compare.

Of the companies which originally submitted proposals, only Carlisle Construction Materials recommended an overlay, while the Garland Co. Inc., Donald M. Miller Roofing and Duro-Last Roofing proposed complete tear-offs.

Pegg said the district will seek new quotes from interested companies following a spec list for overlay roofs only.

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