Summer is a great time for travel but local residents don’t have to go far from home to enjoy fabulous attractions that many venture miles to see.

For those who have never been to Fallingwater, whitewater rafting or the High Point Raceway, Be Local means making a bucket list of area attractions to try.

Anna Weltz, director of public relations and community outreach for Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, pointed out, “There are a lot of treasures to discover and rediscover in Fayette County and the Laurel Highlands.’’

Weltz made some suggestions: “For instance, in the dog days of summer, a great way to cool off is to go underground at Laurel Caverns, then enjoy lunch or dinner on the veranda at the Historic Summit Inn. Or maybe weave in some homegrown history lessons before the kids go back to school. Travel in George Washington’s footsteps with visits to Fort Necessity and Jumonville Glen.”

Weltz added, “For the parents who survived the summer and are eager to get back into the school routine, how about an afternoon of sipping wine at Christian W. Klay Winery and enjoying one of their special events?’’

JoAnne Marshall, director, Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency, noted, “Greene County has a variety of wonderful attractions and events that appeal to all ages and interests. From thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, to leisure car rides and celebrating the old-time traditions of unique festivals and fairs during the summer, there is something for everyone.’’

Marshall also offered ideas.

“The thrill seekers will love the high-speed and dirt-slinging of the motocross racers at the High Point Raceway to the custom-built machines competing for the best combination of horsepower, chassis setup and pulling skill of the Truck and Tractor pulls at the Greene County Fairgrounds,’’ Marshall commented.

“Outdoor enthusiasts can hike a 5,000-year-old path across Greene County on the Warrior Trail, discover the last marker laid by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon at the Mason-Dixon Historical Park, explore the trails of Ryerson Station State Park, or bike along the scenic views of the Monongahela River on the Greene River Trail,’’ she continued.

“Anyone looking for a break from the day-to-day routine could take a car ride around the county on the 77-mile Covered Bridge Driving Tour,’’ continued Marshall, noting guides available online at, “while seeing the spectacular natural beauty and pastoral landscapes that surround us. Or get out of the heat and take a dip in one of the four public pools.’’

Marshall added, “Greene County is known as a destination for our many unique festivals and fairs throughout the year including a day where we celebrate rain, a weekend full of covered bridges, or a celebration of the harvest season at our own historical museum. Come out for the day and explore the events that are inspiring others to travel.’’

Whether it’s taking a walk to the cross at Jumonville, trying one of the many hike/bike trails or finally stepping foot inside a local museum, there’s much to explore in your own backyard.

Those interested in joining the Be Local Network can call 724-439-7515 or email Discount cards are available at the Herald-Standard, 8 E. Church St., Uniontown, and at the Greene County Messenger, 32 Church St., Waynesburg.

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