The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute’s (CTI) joint operating committee took a step this week in the termination process against a school employee.

The nine board members who were present Monday voted unanimously to issue a notice of dismissal to a school employee, identified only as “Employee A,” containing a detailed written statement of charges against him or her and to schedule a hearing in regard to the proposed termination.

Solicitor Gary Frankhouser said he could not disclose the name or position of the employee until after a hearing occurs, if requested by the employee, and the board convenes for a termination vote.

Frankhouser said the hearing will take place not less than 10 days and not more than 15 days from the delivery of the notice, a right granted to administrators and tenured teachers in the Pennsylvania Public School Code.

The school code allows for tenured professional employees facing dismissal the opportunity to be heard before the school board, at which time testimony can be offered by the complainants, the accused and their respective witnesses.

As part of Monday’s vote by the board, Employee A is suspended without pay pending the outcome of the termination hearing.

Board members Ron Dellarose Jr., Paul Dunham and Gary Seelye were not present.

Also Monday, the committee:

n Approved agreements with Laurel Ridge Center and Uniontown Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center to provide clinical experience to students enrolled in the nurse aide program, and with Mt. Macrina Manor to provide clinical experience to students enrolled in the licensed practical nursing (LPN) program.

n Approved the 2019-20 school calendar, with Aug. 26 as the first day for students and June 3, 2020, as students’ last day.

n Hired Stacey Parks as a part-time LPN instructor with compensation set at $25 an hour.

n Hired Julia Gaggaini, Carrie Shick and Harry Metts as adult evening instructors.

n Approved the following additions to the Occupational Advisory Committee: Todd Miner (Republic Food Enterprise Center), Russell Gibbs (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation), Laura Smith (USDA Natural Resources Conservation), Deborah Marella (ZRM Enterprises), Will Rockis (Quarter Pine Farm), Harry Dice (Harry’s Custom Packing), Daniel Komarinski (Connellsville Area Career and Technical Center), Rich Burd (Burd Farms), Mark Duda (Duda’s Farm), Michael Reskovac (Reskovac Farms) and Jonathan Seaman (Penn State Department of Agricultural Economics), agriculture; Stacey Dunlap (Stacey’s Catering), Victoria Britton (Nemacolin Woodlands Resort) and Joe Zuraunsky (Delallo’s), culinary; Kurt Cofano (Cofano Energy Services), welding.

n Added Torrie Smith and Georgia Miller (all shops) to the substitute list.

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