GEORGES TWP. — The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute (CTI) joint operating committee created a police department at the vocational school to allow its security chief access to online law enforcement data.

At the request of CTI safety and security director Thomas Broadwater, the board established the Fayette County Career and Technical Institute Police Department and approved for Broadwater to apply for an identification number that will grant it access to state online criminal information databases.

Broadwater said access to the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) and the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) online portals requires an originating agency identifier (ORI) number, a nine-character identifier assigned to a law enforcement agency. To apply for an ORI, the school is required to form a police department with board approval, he said.

JNET is used by 38,000 law enforcement and public safety officials at the federal, state and local level in Pennsylvania to access public safety and criminal justice information.

CLEAN is used by Pennsylvania criminal justice agencies to access driver license and motor vehicle information, state criminal history record information, Protection from Abuse orders and stolen and wanted files, among other information.

Broadwater, the school’s lone full-time security employee and a former, said the CTI would benefit from the databases by having ready access to a substantial amount of information. It will allow him to access driver’s records and vehicle registrations without contracting state police for assistance, he said.

It will also give him the ability to file citations and criminal complaints online, eliminating the need to travel to the magistrate’s office in Masontown or the Fayette County Juvenile Probation Office in Uniontown, Broadwater said.

Applying for an ORI is cost-free to the school, he added.

Also, the committee:

n Approved seeking quotes for a $4.3 million revenue anticipation note for the 2019-20 school year.

n Approved applying for federal Perkins Funds for the 2019-20 school year to cover costs associated with support services, materials and equipment.

n Approved the purchase of a braising pan from at a cost of $16,278, funded by an equipment grant from the state Department of Education.

n Added Leona Eicher (all shops/secretarial) and Tristan Durst (welding, auto body, diesel) to the substitute list.

n Approved the following individuals as summer camp instructors: Bill Trimbath, Daynelle Sanner, Jacob Grim, Edna Crosby, Cheryl Olson, Allison Scaife, Crystal Rankin, Michelle Hajduk, Jacob Addis, Dan Hoff and Laura Patterson.

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