GEORGES TWP. — The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute (CTI) joint operating committee began the 2019-20 budgetary process Monday by approving the first reading of a tentative operating budget.

The board approved an early version of a $7.1 million spending plan for the institute for next school year. According to CTI executive director Dr. Cynthia Shaw, the tentative budget carries a $40,036, or 0.57%, increase over the current-year budget.

Shaw said rising costs for equipment and employee benefits and pensions account for the largest increases to expenditures in the proposed plan.

The school’s member districts will be responsible for covering about half ($19,286) of the additional expenditures.

In total under the tentative budget, the CTI’s four feeding districts will contribute $4.44 million -- or $6,989 per student -- toward operating revenue, based on projected enrollment.

Member districts will contribute the following estimated amounts in 2019-20: Albert Gallatin, $1.66 million, ($1,996 increase); Brownsville, $573,121, ($55,160 decrease); Laurel Highlands, $1.01 million, ($68,593 decrease); Uniontown, $1.19 million, ($141,044 increase).

The remaining revenue, totaling $2.69 million, will come from local, state and federal sources. The school anticipates receiving an additional $20,750 in state funding that will cover the remaining balance.

The first pass of the budget was approved with a 10-1 board vote.

Board member Michael Dunham opposed the measure. Board member Jamie Miller D’Andrea was not present.

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