GEORGES TWP. — In its final meeting of the year, the joint operating committee at the Fayette County Career and Technical Institute (CTI) approved several financial and personnel items.

In financial matters, a general fund surplus from the 2018-19 fiscal year will result in a refund for member school districts, according to an annual audit report from Cypher & Cypher CPA.

The committee approved the following refund amounts to the member districts based on student enrollment at the FCCTI, as outlined in the audit report: Albert Gallatin, $177,286; Brownsville Area, $72,673; Laurel Highlands, $79,228; Uniontown Area, $78,498.

CTI executive director Dr. Cynthia Shaw said the school has worked annually to tighten its budget, but it continues to receive increased state subsidies each year, resulting in a surplus and subsequent refunds to the districts.

Shaw said the CTI received an additional $100,000 in state subsidies in 2019 despite a slight decrease in enrollment.

The committee also approved the transfer of $40,276 in surplus funds generated by the school’s Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program from the general fund to the building authority capital improvement account to be used for repairs and future upgrades.

Turning to personnel matters, the committee approved multiple changes to its diesel mechanics program.

Erik Eckhardt was hired as an instructor with compensation set at step 8, as outlined in the teachers’ contact. Stephen Mitchell was hired as an instructor for the adult education diesel mechanics program at an hourly rate of $25. The committee accepted the resignation of instructor Brandon Danser.

The committee also hired Amy Dennis as a full-time director of the LPN program at a salary of $60,000.

Also Monday, the committee:

n Approved the purchase of a passenger van from Uniontown Ford at a cost of $23,950.

n Retained the legal counsel of solicitor Gary Frankhouser of Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law of Uniontown for 2020 at a $4,000 retainer fee and an $85 hourly rate.

n Cancelled its December voting meeting.

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