Fayette County Career and Technical Center

Pictured is the Fayette County Career and Technical Center in Georges Township.

The Fayette County Career and Technical Institute’s (FCCTI) joint operating committee Tuesday selected a retired Pennsylvania State Police trooper as its security chief.

In a special meeting, the committee hired Thomas Broadwater as the school’s director of safety and security and lone security employee.

Broadwater’s selection came eight days after the board chose to table a motion to hire a new school security director at its regular March meeting.

Committee solicitor Gary Frankhouser said at the time that the nine members present at that meeting could not come to a consensus for the hiring of any particular candidate.

Six individuals applied for the position. Five were interviewed after one candidate removed his name from consideration.

The position was left vacant last month with the resignation of former security director Jeff Myers, who was hired in February as warden for the Fayette County Prison.

Since Myers’ departure, the school has relied on the services of a substitute security guard, said FCCTI Executive Director Dr. Cynthia Shaw.

The committee Tuesday authorized Frankhouser to petition the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas to appoint Broadwater with the full authority granted to a school police officer under the Pennsylvania School Code, and also to permit him to carry a weapon on school property.

A judge can grant a school police officer the power to arrest, to issue citations for summary offenses and to detain students until the arrival of local law enforcement.

Previously, Myers also carried firearm in his capacity at the school, said Shaw.

The committee also approved a compensation plan for Broadwater that will base any annual salary increases on employee performance, said Shaw.

Broadwater’s salary was set at $40,000 annually. He begins in his new role Monday, Shaw said.

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