The following students of Geibel Catholic Junior-Senior High School have been named to the honor roll for the second nine-week grading period of the 2019-20 school year:

Grade 12

Highest honors: Ryan Anderson, Mia Baranowski, Josie Bittner, Enzo Fetsko, Hannah Geary, Dillon Graham, Cole Kendall, Gianna Kolencik, Elizabeth Kozel, Isaiah Krizner, An Le, Mike Li, Morgan Motycki, Josephine Pindro, Ryan Rusko, Lauren Tomasko

High honors: Jenna Croftcheck, Harrison Gentile, Eli Haky, Haodong Winston Lian, Zihan Henry Lin, Adam Mucha, Maria Ruggieri, Echo Shaffer, Madison Willson

Honors: Hannah Hampshire, Elizabeth John, Jacob Mariotti, Rebecca Perkins, Anna Pilla, Gayle Pokol, Damon Wang

Grade 11

Highest honors: Zachary Allamon, Ava Fetsko, Sophia Gaggiani, Caroline Konieczny, Taylor Ramsey, Sophia Solomon, Matti Trimbath

High honors: Jordyn Schock, Kennedi Stockey

Honors: Jonathan Buckel, Nathan Gerbi, Anthony Shinkle

Grade 10

Highest honors: Alexandra Caldwell, Faith Casteel, Ty Croftcheck, Makenzie Garred, Paige Karpiak, McKinley Klotz, Tatum Lucero, Jeramy O’Wade, Kharisma Zylka

High honors: Benjamin Costello, Elora Glad, Audra Holonich, Olivia Martin, Morgan Sandzimier, Katie Shinkle, Cullen Verbus

Honors: Kaitlin Koresko, Evan Reese

Grade 9

Highest honors: Jillian Balena, Grace Cline, Abigail Karas, Claire Konieczny, Emily Manack, Gracie Rodriguez, Travis Skovira, Maia Stevenson, Colin Truran

Honors: Aaron Garsteck, Christian Stockey, Benjamin Tinkey

Grade 8

Highest honors: Victoria Brown, Thomas Kolencik, Kiersten Morgan-Locke

High honors: Samuel Knapp, Tessa O’Nell, Courtney Papinchak

Honors: Ean Glad, Halee Hart, William Schwarz

Grade 7

Highest honors: Giana Holonich

High honors: Ethan Harner, Alexander Hilling

Honors: Sophia Albert

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