Total: $3,749.40

Goal: $15,000

Herald-Standard readers continue to donate to the Give-A-Christmas fund that benefits the Salvation Army, raising the total to $$3,749.40.

“We’re so happy to see the fund keep growing,’’ said Sparkle, the Christmas star, who serves as campaign mascot. “We’re receiving donations in the mail and we were happy to collect contributions at Walmart where Herald-Standard employees rang bells Dec. 6 on behalf of the Salvation Army.’’

Besides the contributions made by the public at Walmart, the latest donations include Randy Queer and Pamela Ugolini Queer, Star Junction, ALEA, Star Junction; George and Mary Homa, Masontown; Men’s Club Perryopolis Speedway, Perryopolis; William and Penny Dean, Vanderbilt; Donna Mehalek, “in loving memory of my husband Joe Mehalek,” New Salem.

Patricia Joseph and family, “in memory of all my loved ones,’’ Fairchance; Herbert and Deborah Miller, in memory of lost loved ones, Uniontown; Robert Sonoga, “in memory of my late brothers Richard S. and Thomas R. Sonoga, and my late sister-in-law Gwendolyn Sonoga,’’ Mission Viejo, California; Dad and Carolyn, in memory of Joy Lynn Sabolek, Perryopolis; Josephine Carolla, “in memory of my husband Tony Carolla,’’ Uniontown.

William and Carolyn Mosser Jr., in memory of loved ones, Vanderbilt; Alice Mitchell, in loving memory of husband Wayne and son Chuck, East Millsboro; Jeffrey Strauch, Dr. Margaret Swinker, Kent and Taylor Strauch, in memory of grandmother Mabel Kikta and grandfather/father Frank Strauch and grandmother/mother Margaret Swinker, Uniontown; Paul Zasadny, “in memory of my parents Jean and Walter Zasadny,’’ Wickhaven.

Eleanor Honsaker, “in memory of my husband Ronnie and our parents Charles and Annabelle Livengood and Glenn and Edith Honsaker,’’ Uniontown; Dale and Nancy Patterson, “in honor of Ryan and Riley Moore, Thank you to all the military for keeping us safe, God bless America,’’ Farmington.

“Please accept these donations in loving memory of our family: Henry and Freda Festog, Frank and Helen Hoferer, Gene and Jackie Festog, Henry Festog Jr., Dr. Clarence Kelley by Barbara Hoferer, in loving memory of my dad Frank Hoferer Jr. by Michelle Banning, in loving memory of my husband Frank Hoferer Jr. by Barb Hoferer Merry Christmas to all;’’ Shirley Mitchell, Uniontown; Michelle Banning; Joy Craig, Uniontown; Thomas and Sherry Livengood, in memory of lost loved ones Thomas and Phoebe Livengood and Frank Clemmer, Fairchance.

Donations will be accepted until noon Dec. 20. The grand total will be announced in the Christmas Eve edition of the Herald-Standard.

Donors can mail contributions to Give-A-Christmas, c/o Herald-Standard, 8 E. Church St., Uniontown, PA 15401 or bring them to the Herald-Standard office in Uniontown from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Red Sparkle cups will be placed in stores that sell the Herald-Standard.

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