What’s bigger than an event film? ‘Tenet’ might just be

Associated Press

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Elizabeth Debicki, left, and John David Washington in a scene from “Tenet.”

When movie theaters were forced to close, streaming services got many through the quarantine crunch.

Now, area theaters have reopened for a limited number of socially distanced patrons who’ve waited to see new releases put on hold because of COVID-19 closures.

But if those who responded to the Herald-Standard’s weekly poll question are any indication, some are still wary.

Of the 968 who answered our question “Will you go to the movie theater when it reopens in our area?,” 65% (629 respondents) said they would not.

Another 246 people (24.4%) said they would, while 93 (9.6%) said they were still not sure.

The Associated Press reported about 70% of U.S. movie theaters are currently open, although those in the country’s top markets, Los Angeles and New York, remain closed.

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” a sci-fi spy film, made an estimated $20.2 million over Labor Day weekend in U.S. and Canadian theaters.

Other releases, meanwhile, didn’t fare quite as well. The weekend box office totals for all of the remaining top 16 movies playing over the weekend was $6.63 million.

Head to www.heraldstandard.com to answer this week’s poll question: “Do you plan on voting by mail or at the polls on Nov. 3?”

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