A land swap between Ohiopyle Borough and the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is now complete, said Rep. Matthew Dowling, R-Uniontown, who wrote the legislation authorizing the transfer.

Under Act 60 of 2020, the state was authorized to convey land it owned in the borough in exchange for Ohiopyle conveying some of its own land. The swap would allow additional water access for DCNR and the state park. It would provide developable property for Ohiopyle Borough, which could be a future revenue stream. The property conveyance would also allow the borough additional room to update an adjacent sewage treatment plant, should that become necessary.

“The borough benefits by gaining developable land. Ohiopyle State Park benefits by gaining additional water access. And area residents – as well as anyone who chooses to visit the state park – benefit by gaining additional, high-quality recreational opportunities,” Dowling said.

DCNR Bureau of State Parks Director John Hallas said the land exchange “will improve stewardship in the park and provide for a quality recreational experience on the river.”

Borough Councilperson Conrad Hamather said, “Through the continued partnership between the Borough of Ohiopyle and the DCNR, this land exchange will enable Ohiopyle to increase its community base footprint, thus stabilizing and securing the heritage and culture of its citizens, which makes Ohiopyle special. This is a logical step in the planning and continuation of the borough into the future for new generations to share the rich natural capitals afforded to its stakeholders.”

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