The following students of Mapletown Jr./Sr. High School in the Southeastern Greene School District were named to the honor roll for the second nine-week grading period of the 2017-18 school year:

Grade 12

Highest honors — Sara Chory, Makenzie Cree, Jordan Dils, Olivia Ferrier, Madison Helmick, Shayla Keener, Dylan Rush, and Taylor Vanata

High honors — Ronald Burkholder-Walter, Elisa Clark, Gabrielle Clark, Timothy Cumberland, Lynsie Galloway, Leigh Goforth, Prudence Hartley, Kevin Hayes, Morgan Helmick, Seth McCann, Samantha Reynolds, Jeffrey Richards, Tanner Weston, and Hillary White

Honors — Madison Buchanan, Richard Cacurak, Miranda Haines, Samuel Hanlan, Joseph Hennessey, Austin Herpak, Madison Smith, and Rose Sweeney

Grade 11

Highest honors — Sarah Brown, Brandon Donley, Hannah Dusenberry, Olivia Galarza, Christal Ryczek, and Rhianna Ryczek

High honors — Abigail Antill, Isack Beck, Alexis Christopher, Aliceon Clark, Tiffany Conard, Makenzi Danko, George Eberhart, Madoleen Grim, Madison Kuis, and Victoria Miller

Honors — Julieann Dotts, Elayne Engelhardt, Robert Friend, Jonathan Howard, Hayleigh Jordan, Ethan Keener , Kelsi Smith, Heidi Sowden and Vincent Walick

Grade 10

Highest honors — Christina Barnett and Kylie Cumberland

High honors — Matthew Atwood, Wyletta Cowie, Hannah Duranko, Katherine Fox, Emilei Grim, Sara Hanlan, Katelyn Kondrla, Charles Lash, and Katelyn Wilson

Honors — Caitlyn Adams, Zachary Greene, Lucas Hall, Alexander Pecjak, and Joshua Shubert

Grade 9

Highest honors — Sydney Kuis and Briell Price

High honors — Madison Blaker, Payge Clark, Danielle Dewitt, Ethan Dingle, Chance Franks, Emily Halbert, Sadie McCann, Sarah McCormick, Andrew Pecjak, and Breanna Switalski

Honors — Mia Cole, Colton Greene, Emily Kime, Raven Phillips, Jordan Platt-Dice, and Danyell Scott

Grade 8

Highest honors — Macee Cree, Amber Donley, Virginia Dunn, Taylor Dusenberry, Hannah Hartley, Ashsley Kime, and MeKenzie Reda

High honors — Cristian Kisner, Grace Murin, Elizabeth Ryan, and Brielle Yeager

Honors — Alexia Camargo, Colton Flanigan, Angel Fowler, Riley Franks, Joshua Greenwood, Paige Halbert, Kaitlyn Kelly, James Clay Menear, Gaige Shaw, James Thompson, and Melissa Whipkey

Grade 7

Highest honors — Brody Evans, Ella Menear, Grant Murin, Riley Pekar, Regan Walick, and Krista Wilson

High honors — Chad Cain, Matthew Gacek, Kody Grim, Nicholas Grim, Levi Howard, Danielle Jennings, Hayden Pennington, Kylee Robinson, Henry Robison, Cohen Stout, and Emma Switalski

Honors — Jayden Cahill, Natalie Courtwright, Kayla Eggers, Lenzy Metcalf, Gunnar Murray, Ariana Shaffer, Ryan Sweeney, Aurora Szczyrbak, and Nathan Verna

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