NEW EAGLE – The Ringgold School Board agreed not to raise the rate of any potential new taxes for the 2019-2020 fiscal year above the index established for the district by the state Department of Education.

Randall Skrinjorich, director of operations and financial services, said that Ringgold’s index is set at a maximum of 3.1 percent, which would equate to 4/10 of one mill or roughly $40 on a $100,000 property assessment.

However, Skrinjorich noted that the board’s decision does not necessarily mean that the district will raise taxes.

Added Skrinjorich, “While many other school districts exceed the index year after year, Ringgold typically stays within the index.”

Ringgold’s board will begin to review its budget in a few months.

Also, during its monthly meeting Wednesday evening, the board approved its 2017-2018 audit, which was presented by Steve Cypher, CPA, of Cypher and Cypher. According to Cypher, Ringgold is in good financial health and is well prepared to meet its financial obligations heading into the future.

“During each of the past five years, you brought in more revenue than expected and you spent a little less in expenditures than budgeted,” said Cypher. “You also ended each year with at least a small surplus. That’s a good spot to be in.”

The fiscal year ended with Ringgold’s fund balance at $5.6 million. The assigned portion of the fund balance is $4 million while the unassigned fund balance is $1.2 million.

In other action, the board accepted the resignation of head varsity football coach Mike Zmijanac, who is leaving for personal reasons. The district is currently accepting letters of application for the position. More information is available at Ringgold’s website.

The board also accepted the resignation of Maria Baker Degnan, a teacher at Ringgold High School who formerly served as president of the Ringgold Education Association.

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