The Southern Beltway will open to traffic Oct. 15, although there will be some restrictions at the interchange with Interstate 79 as construction is expected to continue in that area through spring.

The new 13-mile toll road that has been decades in the making will take traffic from I-79 near Southpointe to the Findlay Connector at Route 22 in Robinson Township (Washington County) and offer drivers an easier route to Pittsburgh International Airport.

Some of the ramps to and from I-79 will remain closed, which will limit access to the toll road from the interstate, although which ramps will be open won’t be announced until next month, Pennsylvania Turnpike spokeswoman Renee Colborn said. The entire interchange will be open by spring, Colborn said. All other exits along the toll road are expected to be open.

A special community day will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 9 to allow visitors to walk or bike on a five-mile stretch of the toll road to get a sneak peek of the highway. Visitors will be able to access the event by going to South Fayette Way interchange and being directed by maintenance workers on where to park. The toll road will be open for pedestrians and bicyclists from South Fayette to the McDonald/Midway exit. No motorized vehicles will be permitted on the toll road, and masks and social distancing are encouraged.

A special ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Oct. 14 with dignitaries attending to celebrate the opening, Colborn said.

Construction on the toll road began in May 2014 and cost about $900 million.

Motorists with E-ZPass will pay $3.90 to travel the entire length of the highway, while the “Toll-By-Plate” option will cost double that price. It was not known if that price also includes the six-mile section of the Findlay Connector.

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