The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania’s (GCFP) District X Annual Meeting was held outdoors on Sept. 8 at the Lions Club Community Park’s Jaycee Pavilion in Waynesburg because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Nine clubs were represented with 68 members attending.

District X Director Kay Bair recognized District X board members, state board members and national board members in attendance.

Members welcomed Leeanna Ryba, GCFP first vice president, and after lunch Haddie Weber, program chair, introduced Martha Alexander, who is a member of the Great Meadows Garden Club, a master gardener, and a former biology teacher. Alexander presented a program titled “The Mysteries of Hydrangeas.”

Following the presentation, reports were presented by nine garden clubs, and after each presentation Roxanne Huss gave the following clubs their Daffodil, Laurel, and Tulip awards.

n Garden Club of Munhall: 3 daffodils, 6 laurels and 8 tulips;

n Giant Oaks Garden Club: 2 daffodils, 4 laurels and 2 tulips;

n Great Meadows Garden Club: 3 laurels;

n Martha Washington Garden Club: 3 daffodils, 20 laurels and 3 tulips;

n Pleasant Hills Garden Club: 3 daffodils and 10 tulips;

n Town and Country Garden Club: 6 laurels and 1 tulips;

n Uniontown Garden Club: 1 daffodils, 7 laurels and 3 tulips; and

n Valley Garden Club: 1 daffodil, a laurel and 2 t Tulip.

In addition, the following awards for individuals were presented:

n Butterfly Award: Christine Lentz of Great Meadows Garden Club;

n Perennial Bloom Award: Patty Feden of Pleasant Hills Garden Club;

n Exceptional Horticulturist Award: Ralph Nicholson of Town and Country Garden Club;

n Attendance Award of $25: Town and Country Garden Club with 11 members present out of their 18 members.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Ryba spoke on ways to increase membership, and presented information about a trip to the Netherlands, scheduled for April 18-29, 2022, which members are planning.

Also, District X Director Kay Bair announced a Perennial Plant Sale scheduled for 8 a.m. Sept. 25 at Point Lookout of Summit Mountain - where the Blue Star Memorial Marker is located. Angie Raitano from Valley Garden Club reminded members to reserve April 26, 2022, for a Wildflower Walk at Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Farmington.

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