Congregation members cheered as their steeple recently returned after a four-year absence to its place on top of Glad Tidings Assembly of God in McClellandtown.

“It’s home,’’ said Marcella Volpe, of Masontown. “It’s where it’s supposed to be.’’

Bill Byrne, of Dilliner, church historian, explained the steeple had been removed when a new metal roof was installed on the church, located at 1711 McClellandtown Road along Route 21.

But when Bill discovered the steeple on property in Dilliner, the church made arrangements to bring it back to Glad Tidings, which was founded in the 1950s and moved in its current building the congregation had constructed in 1980.

“It’s like the Ark of the Covenant coming back,’’ said Mary Byrne, Bill’s wife. “We’re excited.’’

A new coat of white paint was added to the steeple. Many members signed their names inside.

And several turned out to watch when workers used a large crane to install the steeple, which measures 6 feet at the base and is estimated to be 30 feet long, on top of the church roof.

Members were happy to see the steeple back in place.

Annie Kozlowski, of Uniontown, board secretary, explained, “It’s about the cross on top of the steeple. The cross represents Jesus and what he did on the cross.’’

Members also believe this makes the structure, which includes a sanctuary, educational center, social hall and gym, look more like a church.

“It seemed to me the church wasn’t whole without it,’’ said Bill. “Every church has a steeple. With a steeple, people will look at it and realize it’s a church.’’

“Everybody’s ecstatic,’’ said Janet Clymer, of Carmichaels. “Before, it just looked like another building.’’

Charlotte Robertson, of Republic, a long-time member, said, “People will really know it’s a church.’’

For many, the steeple is a comfort.

“It’s where it should have been all along,’’ said Randy McCoy, of Mount Morris.

Christina Byrne, of Carmichaels, said, “It’s something my children can grow up and see, and be a part of.’’

Some believe this is a new chapter for the church, which recently elected a new pastor, the Rev. Stephen Gibney, who is moving to the area from New Jersey.

“I think there’s a time, a season under the sun for all things. This is a time for our new pastor and the steeple to be placed here,’’ said Marcella. “It’s just God. It’s amazing.’’

“It’s a new chapter for our pastor, his wife and family,’’ said Kim Byrne, of Dilliner, “and for what’s to come for our church.’’

Glad Tidings offers Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. and worship at 10:30 a.m. Sundays with a Bible study at 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Visit for more information.

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