Maj. Deborah Weigner said donations are needed for the Uniontown Salvation Army’s Apple Tree program, which helps families ready their children for school.

Apple Tree provides children with clothing, gym shoes, a book bag and school supplies.

But there are not enough contributions for the 100 children who applied this year. So far, only 33 requests have been filled and only half of these are complete – either missing clothes or shoes or both.

“There’s an urgent need,’’ said Weigner, explaining people who want to donate can go to the Uniontown Walmart and pick an apple from a bulletin board in the front of the store. This will note the child’s gender, clothing and shoe sizes. Donors are also asked to purchase a book bag and school supplies.

“We’d like them to buy at least one outfit and like to have gym shoes,’’ said Weigner.

Donations should be left by Aug. 20 at the Walmart service desk or at the Uniontown Salvation Army, located at 32 W. Fayette St.

Weigner said the Uniontown Salvation Army is hosting a Back-to-School Bash from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Aug. 23 with free food and haircuts that’s open to anybody. During the bash, gifts will be distributed to children who applied in July for the Apple Tree program.

A second option for donors is to purchase a book bag and school supplies only. That includes clear book bags as some schools now require them. These will be distributed at the bash to children who did not register for the Apple Tree program.

Financial donations and gifts cards can also be donated to support the program.

“In Uniontown, there’s a high underprivileged population. There are working people who struggle to make ends meet,’’ said Weigner. “The Apple Tree bags and the free haircuts are important because they help parents get their children ready to go back to school.’’

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