Brownsville Class of 1978 meets for 40th reunion

Brownsville Area High School Class of 1978 recently held their 40th anniversary reunion at the California Hill Gun Club. Pictured are (from left) seated on floor: Earl Smith, Larry Booze, John Armel, David Moskovitz; seated: Marian Janco Leone, Anna Marie Sesek Hoisek, Susan Kielbasa Nesto, Karen Majernik Clawson, Dana Stevens Teper, Sherri Provance Sutherland, Linda Skirpan Katchmar, Chris Luda Charles, Melody Davis Bartowick, Prudy Cross Nicholson, Wayne Nicholson; standing: Deanna Valente Pehur, Stephanie Dolobach Sesek, Nancy Winner Mammarella, Debbie Lagorda Pawlicki, Margie Groves, Hazel Edwards Crable, Marla Kurnava Romesburg, JoAnn Dancho, Brenda Papincak Loren, Carol Burton Tiernan; Tammy DiDominic, Donald Bartowick; second row: Vickie Nemetz Wesolowsky, Audrey Boyd Stevelak, Lynn Randolph Patterson, Mark Seese, Kevin Shupe, Bill Hughes, Jim Komara, Stan Novinsky, Craig Rouse, Kirk Kubichar; third row: Karen Rutherford, Bridget Redigan Carpinelli, Janine Kupets Holbrook, Mark Battaglini, Alan Scabis, Kevin Fortuna, John Marshall, Joe Marshall, Jeffrey Bognar and Ron Clister.

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