The following students of A.J. McMullen School in Uniontown Area School District have been named to the honor roll for the third nine-week grading period of the 2018-19 school year:

Grade 8

Highest honors: Grace Amend, Madison Basinger, Tyler Hawk, Payton Hostetler, Zaya McCune, Julia Mills, Connor Nichols, Wyatt Plume, Taylin Ravenscroft, Erica Rishel, Skye Tucker, Star Tucker

High honors: Deven Frazee, Sara Glotfelty, Christian Liston, Foster Nicholson, Braxton Swaney, Tanner Uphold

Honors: Levi Garner, Mckenna Miskanin, Ryley Umbel, Hunter Wakefield, Ian Wallace, Joshua White

Grade 7

Highest honors: Haley Abbott, Lyla Braun, Emily Cramer, Christian DeVincent, Ashley Fairbanks, Riley Livingood, Xavier Murray, Hannah Phelan, Raynie Plisko

High honors: Nellie Budinsky, Kitana Critchfield, Casey Fijalkovic, Ethan Genovese, Levi Gilleland, Jaedyn Kohlmeyer, Bella Palm, Kyle Ray, Nicholas Torbich, Audrey VanNosdeln, Logan Voytish

Honors: Jaidan Baxter, Wade Brugger, Alexandria Butler, Hanna Cross, Jacquelyn Jeffreys, Daniel Montgomery, Grayden Plume, Erick Sutton

Grade 6

Highest honors: Honore Banes, Judah Bean, Delaney Booker, Jaden Brambley, Eli Friend, Emily Gammon, Cooper Gilleland, Elijah Holmes, Marcus Jones, Landin King, Elizabeth Margroff, David Maroski, Randy Riggin, Justin Rugg, Madison Satsatin, Kate Sennett, Alexis Tennant, Charles Wingfield, Quincy Younkin

High honors: Damian Fisher, Elijah Holp, Lexi Humberston, Joelly Liberto, Gage Lowry, Colton Mathias, Maiya Rugg, Kynzie Teets, Trevor Uphold, John VanSickle Jr., Willow Wright

Honors: Hunter Blair, Devin Lytle, Jaden Palmer

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