The following students of Benjamin Franklin School in the Uniontown Area School District have been named to the honor roll for the third nine-week grading period of the 2018-19 school year:

Grade 8

Highest honors: Brandon Ball, Grant Barcheck, Darian Brewer, Tamera Dorsey, Gabriella Hostetler, Giana Howard, Isabelle Jones, Malcolm Patton, Elizabeth Perkins, Giana Piccolomini, Hope Trimmer, Sydney Troup, Iliana Wallace

High honors: Kyla Anderson, Riley Baker, Isaac Conklin, Adrayanna Cookus, Alysia Cookus, Sequoia Dunlap, Sadie Harvey, Daniel Hospodavis, Isaiah Kitelinger, Christian Miller, Lucas Moody, Joshua Radovich, Christian Thomas, Jackson White

Honors: Anthony Byers, Grace Cahn, Maddox Cramer, Madelyn Debord, Colton May, Nicholas Pecsko, Harlyn Salla, Bradley Thomas, Shelby Tressler, Kathryn Walters

Grade 7

Highest honors: Emily Angelo, Amiah Deshields, Jeremiah Hager, Zoey Jenkins, Parker King, Ian McGill, Savannah Mclean, K’Adrian McLee, Jamison Moody, Kaylee Mutnansky, Brody Pavlicko, Bella Piccolomini, Shannon Riley, Jacob Schiffbauer, Dominic Scott, Caleb Smith, Ava Softa

High honors: Jerzee Conway, Anna Culbreath, Jacob Dennis, Anthony Evans, Tyler Gasper, McKenna Holyfield, Alexandra Keller, Brittany Lloyd, Shyann Minerd, Sydnee Morris, Tate Musko, Jocelyn Park, Lexus Piper, Ashley Rocks, Olivia Russman, Hannah Sabatula, Mattalynn Schiffbauer, Marcus Smith, Marcia Toaisi, Matthew Vanek, Jainele Winfrey

Honors: Phillip Batson, Grace Busby, Maximum Dvorchak, Aida Evans, Olivia Huey, Alan McGahey, William Nedley, Abigail Riggen, Hunter Sabatula, Madeline Smitley, Abigail Thorpe, Calvin Winfrey

Grade 6

Highest honors: Arianna Everly, Alexi Kline, Donata Lancaster, Allison Novak, Grant O’Brien, Makayla Plavi, Jacob Shaffer, Emma Wellington

High honors: Janaisha Carswell, Jose Ryleigh, Chase Ludy, Olivia Murphy, Ava Paull, Sarah Piper, Jocelyn Strauser, Joseph Thomas, Selena Torres, Jonathan Woleslangle

Honors: Jayla Allen, Olivia Debord, Mercedies Friend, Jabrea Harris, Brandon Harris, Breeann Kirby, Arayia Miller, Avenlea Miller, Kaleb Nock, David Ranitu, Malaya Smith, Luke Stephenson

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