The following students of Carmichaels Area Middle School have been named to the honor roll of the second nine-week grading period of the 2020-21 school year:

Grade 8

Highest honors: Ashton Batis, Andrew Donaldson, Nathan Dursa, Ali Jacobs, Jadance Jewell, Lana Lenhart, Nickolas Lewis, Shane McNamara, Alexandria Miller, Pacey Pratt, Kacie Shaffer, Ava Smith, Jersey Smith, Duski Staggers, Corey Trainor, Robert Wilson-Jones, Chloe Yang, Jase Zdravecky

High honors: Caleb Enci, Olivia Glendenning, John Kraynak, Camryn Lemley, Aislinn Linderman

Honors: Camryn Anderson, Carson Hillsman, Kyrashawn Kubina, Ashtin Nesselroad, Codie Nutt, Hunter Oliver, Allyson Pratt, Chasity Whipkey

Grade 7

Highest honors: Bailey Barnyak, Emma Bates, Sophia Carter, Micah Clarke, Ani Cree, Kaylee Dickey, Parker Jones, Baylee Landau, Olivia Mata, Payton Plavi, Roy Riggleman, Joshua Ross, Matthew Ruse, Jericho Schiffbauer, Mia Shirley, Adison Udovich

High honors: Olivia Lawrence, Emma Mayhle, Abbygail Ray

Honors: Abigail Cuppett, Kyle David, Gage Edwards, Shaley Glover, Evan King, Marilyn Peruzzi

Grade 6

Highest honors: Elan Caldwell, Isiah Currey, Ruah Dobosh, Malanna Hertig, Connor Lapana, Stephen Lewis, Reese Marzo, Scott Maskil, Sydney Miller, Phoebe Mitchell, Anthony Post, Abigail Stewart, Zachary Stewart, Paxton Wade, Brenna Walker, Hayden Yeager

High honors: James Caffrey-Baucum, Lillian Hardy, Briana Landau, Shalyn Pyle, Katelynn Schoenfeldt, Payton Smith

Honors: Trinity Conard, Madysen Drew, Taylor Giles, Cole Jackson, Jayden Kerley, Charles Kozy, Ryder Krieg, Hailey Stanko, Trenton Stone, Alexander Toth, Dominic Yazzani

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