The following students of Lafayette Middle School in Uniontown Area School District have been named to the honor roll for the third nine-week grading period of the 2020-21 school year:

Grade 8

Highest honors: Aurora Majoros, Emma Young, Notorious Grooms, Miya Harris

High honors: Chase Brumley, Rocco Furrer, Addison Miller, Julia Clark, Calvin Winfrey

Honors: Gary Smitley, Leonard Tucker, Savannah Braxton, Danica Sabol

Grade 7

Highest honors: Kaitlyn Harim, Lilah Benson, Luke Gresh, Paytyn Holloway, Dakota Johnson, Emmaleigh Noah, Emma Panicucci, Malachi Brown, Santino Dawson

High honors: Alexandra Etling

Honors: Tess Schrock, Cameron Culp, Alexia Holland, Marion Jones, Calvin Reid, Timothy Sowers, Tristin Smith, Jordan Barlow

Grade 6

Highest honors: Nolan Baker, Adavia Brown, Malia McCune, Rhiana Powell, Myah Rafail, Dashawn Reid, Nadyia Marilungo, A’zharyah Belt

High honors: Kameah Turner, Anthony Sheffey, James Williams, Christopher Caldwell

Honors: Nyjah Rae Birchfield, MiAirre Hinton, Kellie Clifford, Haley Hettenschuller, Terrell Mosley, Marlo Johnson, Zy’on Hopes, Liliah Thompson, Angel Condyles

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