The following students of West Crawford Elementary School in the Connellsville Area School District were named to the honor roll for the first nine-week grading period of the 2019-20 school year:

Grade 5

Highest honors: Emily Bohinski, Aiden Burnsworth, Megan Flynn, Lillian Ginnelly, Jace Gratchic, Brett Hedrick, Phoenyx Nicholson, Sophia Pleva, Julia Ptacek, Madelyn Ruggieri, Kenzie Schroyer, Ryan Showman, William Snyder, Hayley Washington, Colt Welling, Helena Zooner

High honors: Elliott DeBolt, Hayleeann Kessler, Gabriella Kieta, Mia McKnight, Chloe Miller, Jacob Monosky, Stephanie Parrill, Landen Sanders, Roselyn Specht, Gage Thomas, Kaden Wagner, Nickolaus Webster, Noah Zawislan

Honors: Isaiah Alberts, Mason Bossart, Michaella Breakiron, Tyler Burkus, Payton Bush, Kellsey Faust, Parrish Graft, Breana Groff, Eli Jacobs, Shelbie Karr, Jayden Kooser, Cole Kreinbrook, Sarah Meegan, Charles Osler, Lexi Porterfield, Kayden Powell, Gerald Ritenour, Shane Shaffer, Gabrielle Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas, Riley Zerilla

Grade 4

Highest honors: Liam Bowlin, Ravyn Cameron-Botti, Landon Garlick, Zander Gregg, Malachi Helms, Shane Hess, Lyndon Leichliter, Gionna Mapstone, Jackson Serra, Jadyn Tesauro

High honors: Alyssa Bowser, Kenadi Chapman, Robert Deason, Benjamin Egenlauf, Hayden Evans, Madison Fulton, Gannon Hutson, Kent Jepsani, Addison Keefer, Christopher Landman, Alex Lawwill, Aiden Lindstrom, Trevor McCoy, Mason Mecklenburg, Katelin Nicholson, Monica Richter, Addilyn Shearer, Cooper Wilson, Samuel Zeigler

Honors: Caydence Buchholz, Bella Buder, Kalyn Cole, Abbigail Collis, Emma Deforrest, Brinly Haas, Billy Hearne, Zoey Miller, Karma Miller, Ava Mizikar, Gage Morgan, London Oakes, Hunter Porterfield, Andrew Porterfield, Brady Richter, Gallant Ross, Zack Shultz, Kaylee Soisson, Abbigail Wable

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