Through 47 scholarship funds, the Community Foundation of Fayette County has aided more than 90 area students with financial aid to pursue post-secondary education.

The Community Foundation announced the award of funding totaling almost $190,000 in annual scholarships to 2019 high school graduates or students who are currently enrolled in college and/or post-secondary schools.

“Since 2009, the CFFC has awarded more than $1,465,000 in post-secondary scholarships to local students. We are thankful for the many donors that have assisted these outstanding students with the rising costs associated with their continuing education,” said Renee M. Couser, executive director of the Community Foundation.

Scholarship recipients were honored in a reception held Tuesday at Marilyn’s on Main in Uniontown. Scholarship funds are created by individuals or families who wish to honor or memorialize a loved one while simultaneously supporting local students.

“Scholarships are created for a lot of different reasons,” said Daniel Gearing, chairman of the CFFC. “All are established with the same intent — to provide a quality post-secondary education to people from Fayette County.”

The scholarship funds available to students this year had a variety of criteria for students with academic achievement, community service, financial need, extracurricular participation, area of study or school preference.

Speaking at Tuesday’s event, scholarship committee chair Angela Braun said the foundation received more than 1,000 scholarship applicants this year.

“With the growth of our scholarship program, the good problem that comes with that is we have too many of you guys to even review,” she said, noting that for the first time the applicant review board recruited current and retired teachers to assist in the review process.

At the reception, students had the opportunity to meet scholarship fund donors, application reviewers and Community Foundation board members.

“We’re always so astounded by the absolute talent and intelligence and skill that is seen here in Fayette County. We see some outstanding young people here, and you guys have really proven that you aren’t just millennials that love your cellphones,” Braun said, jokingly.

“Go out into the world and represent our county well and, please, come back and see us again when you’re done with school,” she said.

Qualifying students are eligible for potential matching funds through the Community Foundation’s partnership with the Pennsylvania Access to Higher Education Program.

The 2019 scholarship recipients include:

n Alfred E. Jones and Anna B. Jones Scholarship: Mianna Burd, Raegan Crofcheck, Bernard Dolobach, Gwyneth Hamilton, Macy Mills, Olivia Skoric, Jessica Victor and Evan Voyten.

n Allen Craft Memorial Scholarship: Alexandra Constantine, Maggie Cunningham, Kaylena Harrell and Dylan Seaman.

n Arthur and Millicent Gabriel Scholarship Fund: Maggie Cunningham, Luke Patton, Nina D’Andrea and David Eitner.

n Betty Bayne Barnes Scholarship for Women: Olivia Hellen.

n Burchinal Family Endowment Fund: Caleb Dankle, Maria Gresh, Zachary Hlatky, Jayda Jones, Angela Kelly, Victoria Martin, Luke Patton, James Preamble, Abbey Sitko and Alexandra Timperio.

n Career and Technical Education Scholarship: Brandon Branson and Jonathan Gower.

n Community Foundation of Fayette County Board of Directors: Emily Behm and Brynn Lilley.

n Connellsville Rotary Community Fund: To be announced.

n Cupelli Family Scholarship: Anthony Lowery.

n Deana Martorella Memorial Scholarship: Anna Kuenzel.

n Debra A. Mascia Memorial Scholarship: Jayda Jones.

n Dr. Dennis F. Brestensky Scholarship Fund: Jessica Victor.

n Dr. Paul Pipik Fund for Study in the Health Sciences: Sara Ehrhardt.

n Dr. William C. Thomas Jr. Perseverance Scholarship: Catie Carolla and Daniel Myers.

n Edward T. Yezioro Memorial Scholarship: Danae Rugola.

n Fayette Young Professionals Scholarship: Peter Livengood, Trisha Poorbaugh, Jayden Thomas and Romona Thompson.

n George M. and Anna W. Hochheimer Scholarship: Caleigh Hitchcock.

n Helen Hulvey Scheggia Nursing Scholarship: Alexis Kostelnik and McKinley Orndorff.

n Henry J. Oppermann Scholarship: John Dorobish and Jared Ozias.

n Hughes Family Scholarship: Jonathon Lewis and Zachary Mansberry.

n Jim and Barb Browne Family Scholarship: Jordyn Dowling, Calvin Livengood, Karleigh Risha and Jaira Wells.

n Johnson Matthey Scholarship: Alaina Shaffer, Hannah Turtzer, Jessica Victor and Katelyn White.

n Laurel Business Institute Scholarship Fund in Memory of Ruth and Milton Decker: Myles Reilly and Angela Willmington.

n Laurel Highlands Mustang Academic Scholarship: Alexander Gesk, Emma Hughes and Abby Miller.

n Lillian’s Legacy: Kaylena Harrell, Emily Hoffer and Jayden Thomas.

n Lulu A. Dudley Scholarship: Amanda Knapp and Hayley Riggin.

n M. Frances and George J. Plava Scholarship Fund: Hannah Umble.

n Mary Jane Wood Scholarship Fund: Taylor Bell, Stephanie Chmiel, Alyssa Clements, Macy Mills, Karleigh Risha, Steven Ross and Arianna Thompson.

n Maurice M. Bortz and Bessie D. Rinehart Memorial Scholarship: Jayden Thomas.

n Melvin J. and Beatrice Vance Keller Memorial Scholarship: Hayley Riggin.

n Michael S. Carbonara Memorial Scholarship: Maggie Cunningham and Gregory Hensh.

n My Mother’s Legacy: James Brown and Vincenzo Muccioli.

n Nancy Flanegan McManus Nursing Scholarship: Alexandra Constantine.

n Nancy Vance Jones Scholarship: Nina D’Andrea, Caleigh Hitchcock, Bailey Rohm and Romona Thompson.

n Parker A. Hess Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Davies.

n Raymond Malone Scholarship Fund: Annya Kossol.

n Rita P. Peters Scholarship: Alivia Rolaf.

n Robert and Marjorie Rager Scholarship: Mackenzie Pindro.

n Robert E. and Elouise Eberly Scholarship Endowment: Gracie Dally and Alicia Matthews.

n Sam’s Symphony of Love Scholarship: Sydney Bieliski.

n Sergeant Eric Hull Advised Fund: John Dorobish, Victoria Martin, Jayden Thomas and Jessica Victor.

n Sergeant Eric Hull Scholarship: Andrew Rider.

n Tylar Andaloro Scholarship: To be announced.

n Virginia Eberharter Scholarship Fund: Madelyn Albright, Sydney Dally and Nichole Soforic.

n Virginia Springer Memorial Scholarship: Raegan Crofcheck, Nina D’Andrea, Gwyneth Hamilton, Brynn Lilley, Daniel Mihalko, Katie Moscalink, Bailey Rohm and Alivia Rolaf.

n Wolford Swimmer Memorial Scholarship: Michael Brestensky, Alissa Check, Alysia Cramer, Marisa Deichert, John Dorobish, Kristen Hartz, Stacy Hartz, Larissa Holloman, Brooke Kusniar, Calvin Livengood, Peter Livengood, Vincenzo Muccioli, Kaitlyn Podlogar and Alaina Shaffer.

n Zackery R. Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund: Zachary Mansberry, Luke Patton and Abbey Sitko.

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