The following students were named to the dean’s list for the 2016 fall semester at Waynesburg University.

Jordan Gluscic, Torre L. Remish, Carley A. Seanor

Chelsey M. Corrick, Benjamin S. Neff, Grace A. Sumney

Rachel K. Bohna, Billie L. Hill, Andrea M. Losko, Cheyenne M. Wasko

Samantha A. Christensen, Allie C. Christopher, Craig P. Collins, Matthew R. Emerson, Michelle S. Frye, Anthony D. Juliani, Ashley S. Kapp, Joshua E. Mundell, Mallory R. Stajnrajh

Chadwick D. Ayers

Jakob K. Nyswaner, Emily I. Ozohonish, Micah S. Stanko

Cassandra K. Kemp, Danielle K. Kemp

Marissa M. Krall

Logan C. Dunlap

Samantha R. Hotz

Courtney L. Crouse, Ashley N. Ritenour

Tiffani M. Ellsworth, Emilie F. Phillips, Elizabeth F. Trump

Joshua T. Miller

Anna E. Bartman, Zachary H. Swarrow

Lauren N. Sanetrik

Alexcis B. Barker, Mattison V. Johnston

Dakota L. Keefer

Jessica R. Costolo

Rachael N. Hathaway

Rebecca R. Fremd

Garret M. Guthrie, Chelsea J. Kautz, Alayna L. Mickoloff

Rachel E. Friend

Rebekah M. Fotta, Chelsey E. Girvin, Zachary B. Harkins, Cameron E. Tabacsko

Nicole E. Drew, Jessica M. Wallace

Courtney S. Crider

Jessica L. Angell, Ravyn H. Patrick

Summer L. Fiori

Rebecca L. Conklin

William A. Moats

Ashley N. Dubovich

Alex P. Lyons

Dominique M. Ballone, Abigail R. Stagesin

Nico S. Brown, Breyden J. Mucho

Jeanna L. Brewer

Jacob R. Layton, Kaitlyn L. Podlogar, Tyler J. Sexton

Hannah M. Pierce

Daniel N. Albright, Jed M. Berry, Nicolas T. Burgess, Stacey R. Griffin, Chelsea P. Guerra, Shelby L. Haney, Ryan J. Lemmon, Alexandra A. Meadows, Sera E. Meadows, Alivia G. Rolaf

Briana R. Bennett, Caitlin E. Brooks, Eric W. Brownfield, Ryan W. Brownfield, Hannah M. Cumberledge, Nicholas A. Dayich, Corey J. Dispenza, Caroline G. Frye, Aaron T. Hill, Beau C. Jackson, Trevor L. Kniha, Amanda R. Lavery, Vincent R. Morrow, Keyur N. Patel, Chelsey E. Shultz, Alexander E. Sielski, Meg K. Throckmorton, Hannah N. Widdup

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