GO! Bookshelf: "Bugs: A WWII Veteran's Life of Adventure"

“Bugs: A WWII Veteran’s Life of Adventure,” written by Chas Hartman, is available on Amazon.

Though Chas Hartman is a Kentucky native, frequent visits to Uniontown to see relatives set him on the road to author his third book about a local legend.

Hartman recently released “Bugs: A WWII Veteran’s Life of Adventure,” a in-depth look at the life of his grandfather Charles “Bugs” Hartman.

Bugs, a Uniontown graduate, was known for his athletic abilities at a young age as captain of the football team and earning all-county honors. After high school, though he found himself in the U.S. Army, stationed in Europe as a corporal.

“Charles ‘Bugs’ Hartman never hesitated to take a risk when it seemed likely to improve his life and/or the life of his family,” according to the book’s online synopsis.

“This book tells the story of a remarkable man who lived more than 80 years and who never backed down from an obstacle.”

Hartman’s book takes readers through Bugs’ days during and after his time in the service, including his adventures in a radio and television repair work, and his eventual retirement in the mountains of Georgia.

“Bugs lived in Fayette County for about 30 years, and 20 of those years were spent living in Uniontown,” Hartman said.

“This book basically takes readers on a journey through all of Bugs’ life experiences, with an extensive, in-depth look at his years as a Uniontown football player and his time in the Army,” Hartman said, adding that his grandfather frequently visited Uniontown after retirement, and is even buried there.

Hartman, a senior lecturer in instructional communication at the University of Kentucky, where he also obtained hi master’s degree and Ph.D. in communication, is currently working on another book about a Navy ship called the USS Borie (DD-704).

“Bugs: A WWII Veteran’s Life of Adventure” is available for $9.99 exclusively on Amazon.

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