"County Reminiscences, Along the Old Pike"

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“County Reminiscences, Along the Old Pike”

The Old Petersburg-Addison Historical Society has released a new book, “County Reminiscences, Along the Old Pike.”

The book is a collection of reprinted newspaper articles that were written in 1895 by Dr. William Frey Mitchell.

The Addison resident included the early history of the National Road during the time period of stagecoach drivers, drovers, waggoneers, tavern keepers and travelers who used the pike to get from place to place.

“County Reminiscences, Along the Old Pike” also includes photographs, postcard images as well as interesting anecdotes.

The book is $20 and available for pick-up at the historical society or by mail. Arrangements can be made by calling Joan Whetsell at 814-395-5584 or Eugenia Youkin 814-395-3405.

Since its founding, The Old Petersburg/Addison Historical Society has been involved with implementing numerous festivals in the community, hosting speakers and conducting various presentations and plays.

The organization also owns and operates four different properties including The Addison Museum, Newberry Cemetery, Humberson School and The Frederick Augustine History House.

“County Reminiscences, Along the Old Pike” is the third book published by the historical society.

Their previous books include “Petersburg Settlement,” “Remembering … Civil War Soldiers of the Area” and “Youghiogheny River Towns,” which focuses on the towns that are now under the Yough Lake.

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