A former daycare and preschool owner has turned a character she created as part of her St. Patrick’s Day celebrations each year into a children’s book.

Dana Krofcheck of Uniontown has self-published “Lucky’s Little Adventure: The Tale of a Magical Leprechaun Fairy” through Steuben Press.

“The book is about a leprechaun fairy who likes to play havoc,” she said. “I used to own two daycares and a preschool in West Virginia, and every year, we would play a game of looking for Lucky around St. Patrick’s Day.

“The antics would get so comical,” said Krofcheck, who added that she wrote the book for the kids and the staff.

In the book, Lucky’s antics change an ordinary day of preschool into a magical adventure. She turns their world upside down while encouraging them to use their imaginations.

Sometimes, Lucky can be a little mischievous, but she would never do anything to hurt someone’s feelings or cause them harm. Instead, she always leave them with a smile and encourages them to be kind, be a good friend and be a blessing.

After 16 years of owning and operating the businesses in West Virginia, Krofcheck returned to Uniontown.

She began working at Neubauers in Uniontown and learned that her co-worker, Dee Dee Pehur had gone to art school.

“I told her I was considering writing a book and asked if she’d like to illustrate it,” Krofcheck said.

Pehur said she didn’t want to get involved at first.

“Dana (Krofcheck) really had to convince me to do it, but she can be very persuasive,” she said.

The duo got together once a week for a year to come up with the illustrated characters.

“It turned out really neat, and I’m pretty proud of it,” Krofcheck said.

Pehur added that she’s glad Krofcheck talked her into doing it.

“I hadn’t really kept up with my art, but it just came back to me — like riding a bike,” she said. “I’m glad she convinced me. It awakened something in me that had been hidden.”

The book is $10 and can be purchased at Neubauer’s Market House, 36 E. Church St., Uniontown.

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