Pastor Pearl Mitchell has recently written the book “My Life or His” based on her own personal experience of domestic abuse years ago.

The associate pastor at New Beginning Full Gospel Church in Uniontown, Mitchell said she was sitting at work one day when someone brought a young lady to her that had been a victim of domestic violence.

“It was like I was looking in a mirror at myself,” she said. “I got her the help that she needed but after that I had an emotional breakdown that took me back to the place where I myself was a victim of domestic abuse.”

It was her daughter, Attorney Rodlena Sales, who encouraged her to write a book about her experiences.

“She was my inspiration and motivated me to tell my story,” said Mitchell.

Her goal in writing this book is three-fold.

“First I wanted to share my story, because even though there are many other stories out there about domestic abuse, each one is different,” said Mitchell. “Second, I wrote it in hopes of helping others have a better understanding of domestic violence and what it looks like, and third, I wanted to encourage those men and women who are going through or have gone through domestic violence, that their life truly does matter.”

Mitchell is the wife of Prophet Dave Mitchell. She received her associate’s degree in business administration from Bradford Business School in Pittsburgh and her certification in business administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She is certified in Green Dot Training (End Violence) college curriculum as a facilitator.

“My Life or His” is published through Kelly Publishing out of Akron, Ohio and is selling for $18.

To pre-order “My Life or His” or purchase Mitchell’s first book “The Best and The Worst,” written from her own personal experience of God in her life, visit Mitchell’s website at

Mitchell said they are working to make the ebook available in the near future through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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