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Jim Coffman, a Persian Gulf veteran serving in the Army, of Mount Pleasant, and Todd Centofanto of Scottdale crossed paths several years ago when they worked for two different independent food distributors and struck up a conversation while delivering their products to a local big box store.

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Flamingo's Hollywood Steakhouse in Uniontown isn’t the typical steakhouse, and that's what makes it unique.

Co-owners and chefs Rich and Patty Morris have taken the time to do all of the cooking, create unique menu items and add their own creative decor, which often ends up becoming the center of attention.

“People come back because we’re consistent,” said Rich Morris. “And we’re consistent because we’re the only two cooking.”

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Over the past month or so the recurring theme of my columns has been trying to cling onto what’s left of summer. There’s not much summer left in this area, and the weather and feel turning into fall has already begun.

The coming seasons don’t intimidate or scare me. I just have the feeling, usually when any season is about to change, that there’s still so much that hasn’t been done.