Sandy Lusco Huffman - "Timeline of My Mind" and "What the World Needs More Of"
Sandy Lusco Huffman knows that she is nothing without Christ. Music has always been an important part of the local artist’s life and a way to share the talent she was given.
As the pandemic forced many musicians to look for creative ways to express themselves during isolation, the Greene County resident used the last two years to honor her mother’s request to gather all her unreleased arrangements and record them for a new series of albums.
The product of Huffman’s hard work can be heard on two wonderful releases filled with songs about faith, hope and love.
Released in 2020, “Timeline of My Mind” features 21 original tracks with country and gospel flavorings that spotlight Huffman’s testimony of faith. 
“Why I Sing” is the opener that vividly describes how, at the age of 13, a young Huffman discovered her calling in life. The album graciously declares the blessings of having an unwavering faith through both the good and bad times.
The set closes with a comforting message of knowing peace is only a prayer away on the touching “Valley of the Shadow.”
“What the World Needs More Of” is Huffman’s latest effort that continues her declaration of faith and dedication to sharing her musical ministry.
The 2021 release contains another 22 tracks that reflect Huffman’s passion to demonstrate acts of love and good works throughout her earthly journey.
Songs like “Your Spirit Came Down,” “Call On Thee,” “Anything with You” and “He’ll Be Your Faithful Friend” speak directly to having the confidence that we are never alone and eternally rewarded for actively expressing a faith that possesses the power to move mountains and change lives.
“Only Believe” illustrates the heart of the album’s message, with Huffman declaring, “If you only believe/You’ll be forever changed.” The fruits of a rebirth are further outlined as Huffman sings about finding strength during periods of weakness and having a companion there for guidance when loneliness invades the heart.
Huffman’s sincerity overflows through these moving songs that seek to shine a loving light on the darkness and despair of a sinful world. The multitalented artist’s dedication to her craft and faith is a true joy to witness.
Check out Huffman’s website for a complete list of her albums and area performances at

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