This year is the 50th anniversary of the infamous Woodstock that took place on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York.

Over 400,000 people gathered to hear live music performed by top rock and roll acts from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Who.

To commemorate the event and bring a taste of the excitement - as well as local wine - to Fayette County, Sharon Klay, owner and wine maker at Christian Klay Winery, will be hosting the first ever Winestock event.

The idea came about several years ago through a conversation between Klay and actor Marty Schiff. They officially put it together in the later part of 2018.

“They were talking about festivals years ago when Sharon (Klay) mentioned a music festival on her property and that it had always been a dream of hers when Marty (Schiff) came up with WineStock to commemorate the spirit of the 50 year anniversary of Woodstock,” said Scott Bradford, general manager

On Aug. 17, a day-long concert will be held at Christian W. Klay Winery, 412 Fayette Springs Road, Chalkhill, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event will have top local bands performing hits from the 1960s.

Bradford said Tres Lads will be performing The Beatles covers, Wizdom will be performing Jimmy Hendrix covers, Fungus will be performing Grateful Dead covers and No Bad JuJu is the headliner with a plethora of retro covers.

Other musicians will include Chuck Cantalamessa and Shelly McCombie Duo.

“We want to attract hundreds of people to the Laurel Highlands and introduce them to local bands while showcasing local Pennsylvania wine,” Bradford said.

The event will also have several food trucks, vendors selling hippie attire and jewelry, incense, oils, CBD products, posters and more 1960s memorabilia.

Chilled wine, cocktails, beer and assorted non-alcoholic beverages will also be available for sale and no outside beverages are permitted.

“We are so looking forward to Winestock,” said Klay. “Just like the festival, we are hoping you will join us for this music celebration of peace, love, rock and roll and life in general.”

Bradford said that no matter what the outcome is - whether this is great attendance or not - this will be an annual event.

Because the event will be held outdoors on a hillside, individuals are encouraged to bring a blanket or a lawn chair. The event is for adults only and will be held rain or shine.

Tickets are $50, and besides getting access to the event, tickets will include a commemorative stemless wine cup as well as a tie-dyed shirt.

Tickets can be purchased at the winery’s Facebook page, click on the Winestock event and then follow the link to You can also call the winery at 724-439-3424.

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