'Journey of Love Beyond the Crossroads'

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‘Journeys of Love Beyond the Crossroads’

“Journeys of Love: Beyond the Crossroads” by Jean Gottlieb Bradley

“Two souls beat within my chest, one will separate itself from the other, but it was a dilemma of loving to things of equal value,” wrote Goethe in “Faust.”

This quote struck a chord with local author Jean Gottlieb Bradley who included it in the introduction to her latest novel, “Journeys of Love: Beyond the Crossroads.”

It could have struck a chord because the narrator of the book seems almost pulled between two different worlds, two different countries as she falls in love with the European countryside.

“Journeys of Love” is both a historical and cultural travelogue of the Gottlieb family as they visit several European locals including Festoon, Salzburg; Zell am See, Austria; Sweden and more.

Included in the novel are brightly colored photographs of many of the places the author visited during her travels as well as some of the author’s original artwork.

While the book is based on some true stories, the characters are a composite of many people in this fictional novel.

“Journeys of Love” is a standalone book that features characters that were introduced in the author’s first book, “At the Crossroads: A Southern Daughter’s Story” that debuted in 2015.

Mon View Press is the publisher of the book and a paperback copy can be purchased from the publisher’s website, montviewpress.com, for $26.95. Paperback versions of both books together is $45.90.

An e-book version is also available on Amazon.com for $12.95.

Gottlieb Bradley is the pen name for Dr. Jean Braun, a local, retired dermatologist, who has spent more than 40 years traveling the world to places like Nepal, Germany, southern California and more.

When she isn’t traveling, the author loves to write and paint while dividing her time between western Pennsylvania and northern Virginia where she visits with her two sons and four grandchildren.

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