Lovers of a popular Halloween staple won’t have to dream it, they can be there.

The “Rocky Horror Show Live” will be under the big top with a sideshow/freakshow theme in the Stage Right parking lot, 105 W. 4th St., Greensburg beginning Friday.

“You walk into the circus tent, and it’s like you went off the beaten path,” said Stage Right Founding Artistic Director Tony Marino.

Every year, Stage Right puts on the show with a different theme. Previous themes included Woodstock and Star Wars vs. Star Trek. The 2020 theme started with innovations for social distancing.

Anna Stewart, stage manager and this year’s Columbia, said they held their summer camps in tents outside to comply with COVID-19 regulations. They decided to hold the show under a giant circus tent to allow for airflow and social distancing, and the theme unfolded from there.

“We just ran with it,” she said.

The show will be “a little scary, a little sexy, definitely fun,” she said.

“It’s going to be a heck of a time,” Marino said.

Stewart said they never discussed canceling the show, but started with finding ways to make it work.

“We’ve tried really hard to find new and innovative ways to keep our cast safe and keep our audience safe, because there are a lot of people not working in our industry,” she said.

The circus atmosphere will include a food truck and a beer truck. Guests will be given their own chairs, and they will sit in a pod with their own group. Ceramic heaters will be in the tent, but spectators are encouraged to bring blankets in case of chilly nights.

Marino and his wife, choreographer Renata Marino, will not be performing this year for only the third time in 24 years due to restrictions from the Actor’s Equity Union. While he said it is “very weird” not to perform, it is giving him a different perspective on the show.

“You love the show, but at the same time you do get to stand back the entire time looking at it,” he said.

He said he wants the actors filling their roles to feel comfortable in making it their own.

“They don’t have to replace us. They should do their own thing,” he said, and added “we’ll be singing backstage.”

The cast includes “one of Stage Right’s most beloved Frankenfurter’s,” Kevin O’Leary, favorites Katherine Harkins as Janet, Anthony Marino Jr. as Brad, Courtney Harkins as Magenta, Greg Keresten as Riff Raff, Nick Lenz as Eddie/Dr. Scott, and newcomers Alex Podolinski as Rocky and Mike Hamilla as the Narrator. An ensemble of 15 other circus freaks and sideshow acts that will lend “a twisted and spooky feel” to the experience.

Hot dogs, snacks and sweet treats will be sold, including The Lamp Theatre’s popcorn and beer from Marino’s American Eatery. Prop bags will also include noise makers and party hats.

Each night, one person will be awarded $10 for the best safety mask.

Masks will be required when entering the tent, but they can be taken off when watching the show seated in a pod. Only 200 tickets will be sold per show. Tickets are $25 for the first 10 rows and $20 for general admission.

The shows will be held Oct. 23, 24, 30, and 31 at 8 p.m. For more information or to buy tickets, visit or call Stage Right at 724-832-7464.

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