Monessen educator authors book about special education mathematics

A teacher at Monessen Senior High School, Mike Poli, has recently released his first book, “Special Education: Do The Math.”

“There is a lot of research out there on special education and mathematics, and I think most teachers and parents don’t think this research is practical, but it can be,” said Poli, who teaches pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and learning support. “I wanted to translate this pretty complex research and literature into plain English for parents and teachers to read and enjoy.

“My goal was to enable the average person to understand the complexities of special education mathematics,” Poli added.

“Special Education: Do the Math” explores the mathematical aspects of our special education system both in the classroom and behind the scenes where special education programming and funding decisions are made.

The book is the full spectrum of special education through the lens of mathematics. It is for anyone who teaches learning support students math or anyone who is interested in special education and/or mathematics.

“This is the book you may wish you had read prior to enrolling in your first college special education class,” Poli said. “It opens your eyes to the many aspects of special education usually learned by trial, error, and experience while answering questions that seem to repeatedly go unanswered frustrating both special and regular education teachers who are at their wit’s end with all that is “special ed.”

Despite its heavily researched content, it is also a quick an easy weekend read perfect for the new teacher.

The book can be purchased on Amazon at a cost of $23.45.

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