The Mount Pleasant-based Andy Davis Band has been catching some real momentum over the last year and will take their show from the Fayette County Fair to the Westmoreland County Fair on Aug. 24.

Andy Davis, the band’s namesake, has been singing since he was a kid and after someone told him he could make money doing it, he decided that would be good thing to do.

And country music just happened to be his genre of choice.

“We’ve been playing a solid nine years doing shows,” he said. “I started out just doing acoustic shows with a few guys. I used to just sing.”

The current band has been playing together for three or four years and is made up of Davis as the lead singer, Jason Roberts on lead guitar, Mike Bates on drums, Adam Leonard on rhythm guitar and Dave Gregory on bass.

“We’re a regional band right now,” said Davis. “We play all over the southwestern corner of the state and up north a lot, but I believe that what we’re doing is going to get way bigger. We’re focused on growth.”

The release of their original song and video “Small Town” in late 2017 was the catalyst to taking the band to the next level, with the video being viewed on Facebook over 150,000 times.

“We were just having practice one day and Jason (Roberts) said we needed to write a click song and one about a small town was the most relatable,” Davis said. “So I wrote about what I did growing up. Any original song you’ll hear me sing has some type of connection to me or telling about what I lived.”

The success from the video came so fast, Davis said they really had to put the breaks on because they just weren’t there yet.

So early in 2018, they released an EP with five songs, which is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

“But those are rookie songs compared to what we have coming,” Davis said.

The band is currently working on a new album, recording their first song for it just last month. Davis said he’s hoping they finish it by the end of October, but there is no guarantee.

The songwriting is the best part of being part of the band for Roberts.

“It’s the most challenging, and it’s exciting getting that songwriting out there,” he said, adding that he became part of the band about four years ago after filling in one night as a guitar player.

Roberts added that it’s always been a dream to be a professional musician.

“I think a lot about the future of the band and what it could be. The man hours that are put into this are worth it,” he said. “I love the process as much as I love the end product.”

Davis said there are a lot of things to keep learning when trying to make the music business your only business, including how to have a marriage and a music career.

“With this record, I’m spending almost every hour of the day doing something for the band,” he said. “It consumes your life trying to make your dream happen.”

His wife Victoria Davis said the last four years have been a roller coaster.

“I call the band the business, and running this business on a day-to-day level while working a full-time job of my own, and being a wife and taking care of the cooking and cleaning and house stuff — something is always failing, and it’s usually the house, because I want the band and my job to succeed.”

But getting to meet people when they’re out paying makes it worth it.

“If there’s a way to describe it, throughout life you experience different life events such as wedding showers and then weddings and then baby showers and having a baby, but when you have a career like this there are always exciting ‘life’ events — there are always turning points,” said Victoria Davis.

She keeps her mind on the thought that one day she might not have to work her other full-time job.

“I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy what we’re doing,” she said. “I’ve been mentally preparing myself for success for awhile, but it hits home a little more each week, as the band gets bigger and bigger.”

But Davis added that he doesn’t think he’s striving for fame necessarily.

“I want to be successful and fame happens to be a gauge of your success,” he said. “I’ll know we’ve made it when I have a tour bus parked in the front yard.”

The band will be playing for the Y108 Ultimate Bash event at the fair, which kicks off at 7 p.m., Aug. 24 in the Excela Health Show Arena.

Andy Davis said meeting the people and the shows are the best part about the journey so far.

“It’s one thing to sing a cover song and see the audience singing along, but there’s nothing like being able to look out at the crowd when I’m singing ‘Small Town’ and then turn the mic around and hear 1,500 people singing our own song back to us,” he said. “It’s a pretty powerful thing.”

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