Mystic Warriors, a musical group from the indigenous Andes Mountain area of the Peruvian and Argentinian culture, will perform at Penn State Fayette the Eberly Campus on Sept. 26 in Swimmer Hall at the Williams Building.

Chad Long, student events coordinator with Penn State Fayette, said that a number of different Penn State campuses work together regularly to coordinate cultural programming from Hispanic and African American to Asian and Pacific Islanders and LGBTQ.

“We want to create a more inclusive environment for the under represented groups on campus,” he said.

With September being Hispanic Heritage month, “Mystic Warriors” was scheduled to perform at a number of Penn State campuses.

“These cultural performances really scratch the surface when it comes to helping students embrace other cultures,” Long said. “Everyone can relate to music in one way or another, and often times the artists will talk about their culture and history and even how some of the songs and styles came to be.”

Andres & Marco Mallea formed “Mystic Warriors” in 1993.

“Dedicated to the preservation of Andean Folk music, Andres and Marco perform indigenous music as a vehicle for cultural expression,” according to information released about the group. “Using ancient flutes and panpipes in conjunction with contemporary instruments associated with world music and contemporary jazz, Mystic Warriors delivers a rich fusion of Andean folk and ‘New Age’ world-beat music.”

In addition to wind instruments and panflutes, “Mystic Warriors” use Spanish guitars, synthesizers, violins and percussion drums to create their signature-style pre-Columbian Andean sound.

The free concert is scheduled for 12:15 p.m. and is open to the public.

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