Who can forget the scene in “What Women Want” where Mel Gibson’s character Nick Marshall falls into a bathtub full of water followed by a hairdryer, and somehow, through the electrocution that follows, Marshall can now hear the thoughts of all women.

Flash forward 18 years and the roles have reversed in “What Men Want,” after Taraji P. Henson gains the ability to hear mens’ thoughts after a visit to a psychic and a hit to the head.

The website box office mojo showed the film earned over 17 million opening weekend and an overall lifetime total of $72 million worldwide.

The Rotten Tomatoes website said the film follows the story of a female sports agent (Henson) who has been constantly boxed out by her male colleagues.

“When she gains the power to hear mens’ thought, she is able to shift the paradigm to her advantage as she races to sign the NBA’s next superstar,” it said.

Along with Henson (“Hidden Figures” and “Hustle & Flow”), the cast includes Max Greenfield (“New Girl” and “The Big Short”), Kellan Lutz (“The Twilight Saga” and “Speed Kills”), Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock” and “Cop Out”) and Aldis Hodge (“Hidden Figures” and “Straight Outta Compton”)

The film is directed by Adam Shankman and is rated R for language and sexual content throughout and some drug material.

The critic’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says “admittedly uneven but easy to like, ‘What Men Want’ proves a gender-swapped remake can work — and the odds are substantially improved with Taraji P. Henson in the lead.”

Other films set to hit home theaters this weekend include:

n “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” directed by Mike Mitchell And starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Tiffany Hadith and Will Arnet. The Bricksburg population face a new enemy from outer space with destructive capabilities as they travel through various galaxies in an epic adventure to defend their city, fend off the invaders and prove their creativity and construction skills once again.

This film is rated PG for crude humor, mild action/peril.

n “The Prodigy,” directed by Nicholas McCarthy and starring Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Peter Mooney and Colman’s Feore. Sarah’s son Miles starts showing amazing intellect at a very early age. However, as he grows older, she starts to see something more sinister in her son. As his disturbing habits and odd behavior become more apparent, she enlists the help of a therapist in hopes of helping her son.

This film is rated R for bloody images, brief nudity, disturbing images, sexuality and violence.

The synopsis for these movies was taken from redbox.com.

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