Nicolas Cage drama "Primal" released to home theaters this week


Nicolas Cage in “Primal.”

Nicolas Cage continues in the vein of action and adventure with the release of “Primal” to home rental outlets this week.

When Frank Walsh (Cage, “Face/Off” and “The Rock”), a hunter and collector of rare and exotic animals, bags a priceless white jaguar for a zoo, he figures it’ll be smooth sailing to a big payday.

But the ship bearing Frank’s precious cargo has two predators caged in its hold: the cat, and a political assassin being extradited to the United States.

After the assassin breaks free - and then frees the jaguar - Walsh feverishly stalks the ship’s cramped corridors in hot pursuit of his prey, right up until the thrilling, unpredictable climax.

Other actors include Famke Janssen (“X-Men: The Last Stand” and “GoldenEye”), Kevin Durand (“I Am Number Four” and “Legion”) and LaMonica Garrett (“Clemency” and “Sons of Anarchy”).

The critic’s consensus of the film on said, “Chiefly of interest to Nicolas Cage completists and hardcore B-movie fans, this action thriller suffers from an unfortunate lack of ‘Primal’ energy.”

Directed by by Nick Powell, the film is rated R for violence and language.

Other films released to home rental outlets this week include:

n “Paradise Hills,” directed by Alice Waddington and starring Emma Roberts, Danielle MacDonald, Awkwafina and Jeremy Irvine. On an isolated island, Uma wakes up to find herself at Paradise Hills, a facility where high-class families send their daughters to become perfect versions of themselves. The facility is run by the mysterious Duchess where calibrated treatments including etiquette classes, vocal lessons, beauty treatments, gymnastics and restricted diets to curb all physical and emotional shortcomings within two months.

n “Badland,” directed by Justin Lee and starring Kevin Makely, Mira Sorvino, Trace Adkins and Bruce Dern. More than a decade after the Civil War, a nation tries to rebuild as an outlaw faction takes root across the West. In the unincorporated parts of the country, this plague grows with no one to regulate. Gunslinging detective Matthias Breecher is hired to track down the worst of the Confederate war criminals with nothing more than his wits and his revolver.

n “5 Galaxies,” directed by Amir Reichart, Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert and Harry Assouline and starring Pom Klementieff, Eric Roberts, Neil Jackson, Cynthia Kirchner and Nelson Lee. The film is a collection of different futuristic science fiction tales about space, technology, and family that take place in different dimensions and time zones, confronting the ongoing divide between human warmth and cold technology.

The synopsis for each film is taken from the Rotten Tomatoes website.

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