Kicking off their 18th season, M.T. Pockets Theatre in Morgantown will hold a One Act Festival, 8 p.m. Jan. 26 to 28 and 2 p.m. Jan. 29.

“M.T. Pockets is a nonprofit community theater. We have been in a dedicated space for several years, and have very recently moved to the Woodburn area of Morgantown,” explained Mara Monaghan, light/sound manager. “Our stage has been host to many of our own productions, as well as productions from other local theater companies, comedians on tour, and the resident dance companies, Alchemy Dance Project and Red Stone Dance Initiative.”

It was out of the theater company’s desire to provide a place for new playwrights to showcase their work that the festival was created.

“The festival provides an avenue for this as well as puts us in touch with playwrights who have other full-length works,” said Monaghan. “It has also come to be a fantastic opportunity for new actors and directors to try their respective hands at the theater.”

The One Act Festival will feature 12, 10-minute plays that feature a variety of directors.

“Almost all of them are directed by a different person. We have one director who is on double duty,” said Monaghan. “The 12 plays cover a wide array of topics and themes. We have comedies, tragedies and everything in between. Part of our mission is to provide a venue for theater that addresses contemporary and sensitive issues and that holds true for this event. I am always impressed at the playwright’s ability to illicit so many emotions in just 10 pages.”

The plays that have been selected for the festival include: “Pop Star” by David McGregor, “The Nude” by W.L. Newkirk, “Three Sides” by Peter J. Stavros, “Sandbox” by Scott Mullen, “In Her Golden Years” by Steven Korbar, “Don’t Look Back” by Erin Lerch, “He Says, She Says” by Jerome De La Lande, “A Rocky Relationship” by Chip Bolcik, “Porch Past” by Brianna Keller, “My Clarissa” by Katie Murphy, “A.D.A.M.” by Rob Burke and “An Ordinary Woman” by Sean Patrick Nill.

These plays were the winning entrees that were part of a contest.

“We had over 400 submissions from all over the world, which a team of volunteers spent many hours reading and narrowing down the selection,” explained Monaghan. “After many pain-staking decisions, we selected 12 of our favorites.”

Tickets for the One Act Festival are $15 for adults, $13 for seniors/military and $10 for students.

Tickets can be purchased online at, reservations made by phone at 304-284-0049 or at the door the day of.

“The One Act Festival tends to be a popular one, so I would highly recommend getting tickets ahead of time,” said Monaghan.

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