S&T Bank Music Park

Here is a rendering, with actual signage, of the newly named S&T Bank Music Park.

For the third time in 10 years, the entertainment venue in Hanover Township, Washington County, has a new name.

KeyBank Pavilion is now S&T Bank Music Park, according to a news release from S&T Bancorp Inc., the bank’s Indiana-based holding company. S&T Bancorp announced the partnership Saturday, in conjunction with Live Nation Entertainment Inc., of Hollywood, Calif.

The firm, with estimated assets of $8.7 billion, trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market as STBA. It was formed in 1902 and has 75 branches in Pennsylvania, Ohio and upstate New York, 35 of which are in the Pittsburgh area.

“We are all about delivering a great customer experience, and this partnership brings our mission to life,” company chief executive officer Todd Brice said in a prepared statement. “The love of music is universal, and through this partnership we can provide a unique entertainment experience for all of our current and future customers.”

This is the 30th anniversary year of the facility, which opened in 1990 – to Billy Joel – as Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater. It has undergone four name changes since.

Concert aficionados should have an interesting summer of live music ahead, according to the events schedule at stbank.com. On the list thus far are: Ozzy Osborne with Marilyn Manson, June 6; Maroon 5 with Meghan Trainor, June 19; Journey with The Pretenders, July 11; Chicago with Rick Springfield, July 25; the Black Crowes, Aug. 1; the Doobie Brothers, Aug. 6; and KISS, Aug. 28.

Music is not the only aspect of this joint sponsorship. S&T Bancorp and Live Nation will start a financial literacy program, which will offer area students a chance to learn about the music business while picking up important life skills, including financial planning, investing and starting a business. Students who participate may attend that evening’s concert.

The pavilion has a capacity of 23,000 and is the largest entertainment location in Washington County. It was known as Star Lake for 10 years, before becoming Post-Gazette Pavilion for a decade. First Niagara Financial Group acquired sponsorship in 2010, which lasted until October 2016, when KeyCorp – the Cleveland-based parent of KeyBank – completed its acquisition of First Niagara.

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