Armed with what they learned from a $5 correspondence course, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield set up shop selling ice cream in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont on May 5, 1978.

Today, Ben & Jerry’s iconic pints – including fun flavor names like Phish Food and Chubby Hubby – are staples in grocery stores across the country and world.

But did you know that the duo didn’t intend to become ice cream purveyors?

If the equipment to make them weren’t so expensive, we could’ve found ourselves noshing on Ben & Jerry’s Bagels.

According to the company website, the gents intended to sell their bagels, lox, cream cheese on Sunday mornings.

Cohen and Greenfield are just two famous faces associated with the state of Vermont, celebrated this coming week.

While they’re native New Yorkers, the men have said they chose the state to start their ice cream business because of its affordability. Their base of operations – including one of their two flavor-development factories – remain in the state.

And 40 years after Ben & Jerry’s started (and took off), the men realized their bagel dream.

In 2018, they offered “Ice-Ice-Bagels” – a limited time bagel ice cream sandwich sold at select Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops.

If you’re looking for a reason to indulge, honor Vermont (and Ben & Jerry’s humble beginnings) on Tuesday.

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