Doctor Who

Simon Ridgway | Associated Press

In this undated photo, actors David Bradley and Peter Capaldi (right) appear in a scene from the Christmas episode of the show “Doctor Who.”

Thirteen actors (12 men and one woman) have taken to the small screen to play an alien interdimensional time traveler from the planet Gallifrey simply known as The Doctor.

Tales of battling foes, saving planets and people while commuting in the TARDIS (an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space), have played out on the British sci-fi show “Doctor Who” for decades.

The show premiered on Nov. 23, 1963, making Tuesday the day designated as both TARDIS Day and “Doctor Who” Day.

Appearing as a blue police call box, the TARDIS functions as The Doctor’s time machine/space craft that’s “dimensionally transcendental” – a fancy way to note it’s way bigger on the inside.

Always accompanied by a companion, The Doctor’s first set of adventures lasted until 1989 with eight actors taking on the role.

After a 16-year break, the show rebooted in 2005 with actor Christopher Eccleston filling the title role for one season.

Actors David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi followed, and in 2018 Jodie Whittaker was the first woman to take over the role.

Whittaker leaves the role after this season, which premiered Oct. 31, and her final turn as the doctor will play out in three specials set to air in 2022.

A number of actors – including Michael Sheen, Lucy Lawless, Rhys Ifans and Hannah John-Kamen – have been mentioned as potential replacements.

While fans of the show wait to see who takes over the titular role, one thing’s for certain: The Doctor will continue saving people from a host of alien threats for years to come.

“Doctor Who” is available on a number of streaming platforms, for purchase or as part of subscription plans.

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